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Monday, October 28, 2013

Do you have schizophrenia and want to know one of the best ways to lessen the symptoms 10 28 2013

Do you have schizophrenia and want to know one of the best ways to lessen the symptoms 10 28 2013

This discovery has to do with the human soul presence in your body.  Russian Kirlian photography experts were able to record what happens when your soul leaves your body.  The last place for it to leave from is your heart and your groin!  Your brain and fingertips are also a crucial part of the equation.

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night?
Do you often feel agitated?

Try this very simple remedy.  But a cup athletic type supporter from a local department store.  Also buy a roll of aluminum duct work tape available in the sheet metal section of a hardware store or also where the tapes are located.

Apply that tape to the outside section of the cup.  And trim it so that it is neat around the ridge from the outside of the cup to the edge.

As soon as you wake up in the morning or rather are woken up put that cup over your groin area.  You will have the most relaxed day you have had in a long time.

I believe that the EMF technology used to create soul theft and splitting uses a polarization depolarization magnetic field effect.  Whereby if you place a Faraday cage, what in effect you just made above, over your groin you prevent that soul energy from being DISPLACED from your energy body.  It might be slightly displaced but that energy is rapidly reabsorbed.  Also if you buy silver sheet and put it over your waist at that time you will notice that you will wake up with very little sign of bulging or slipped disk in your back if you have that!

It works!  And don't be surprised if you find very ornery people in your public life travels on that same day!  It is a sign of zero sum gain of energy.  Do you know that they wanted to sterilize Schizophrenics in Wisconsin and likely did.  Much more to say and write about that from three scientific articles that have miraculously been made available to my Google search engine results using the term "Wisconsin Eugenics"

What that Russian photography is telling you is that there is a lot of energy in your groin and it is somewhat independent of your mind.  But it is still uniquely you!  But the fact is that unless you chose to find a wife and have a child it is better that you do not disseminate that personal energy!  The phrase go blind because of masturbation means that you will not be able to think about what you see because your well developed soul has been absorbed by...

And is it your fault if people experience loss of mojo and die off from this act of protecting your family Jewels?  No, not at all!  In fact as a responsible human being that is what you are expected to do!  There would be no survival of the human species or your family line if you did not.  My surname is Murphy and it does indeed mean SUPERIOR!  If every single one of us did this the world would experience a great natural die off of mojo stealers!  I am not going to be the one hung on the cross for the beer drinkers and neither should you be!

I will say a little more.  Wisconsin was well known for having a great academic reputation that helped foster the Eugenics movement.  But the motivation for that movement seems to have started in Alma Wisconsin where a scientist seemed to believe that per my memory 80% of the residents were feeble minded.  Okay so do you know what came to my mind right away?  Was there a German brewery in Alma Wisconsin?  You bloody well right there was!  And I believe it was founded by a John Hemrich.  And indeed that Hemrich name is part of my ancestry in some way, it's in our family tree somewhere!  But what is more important is that my Grandmother Isabella Roth heard voices in her head too.  And she lived in that area of Wisconsin for a while at about the time this movement was taking place.  Their were about 1800 sterilized in Wisconsin under the movement.  At first they had community centers much like Chris Abele has envisioned for Milwaukee.  They were indeed very nice places and people loved them.  But do you know what happened?  The same thing that has happened with all public services.  Their becomes no money to support them.  Hence for some reason the answer was sterilization.

But there are some very key elements of that Eugenics Progressive Sterilization movement.  At first the reason given for sterilization was that it was a cost effective way of treatment.  But what is contrary to that is that it wasn't applied to the most severe cases of feeble mindedness! They were instead hospitalized.  And as we know very well today hospitalization is very expensive!

But here is the tell with whom they wanted to sterilize, a quote by a leader of the movement Richard T. Ely, and it is the last thing to be said in a litany of reasons which us poker players know makes it more relevant in terms of his motivation,
"...his restraint was believed to be advantageous to the development of a greater number."

And that is from the man who persuaded the University of Wisconsin to hire someone like minded to him!  So indeed it all started in Wisconsin.  And then wham bam spread to Nazi Germany!

Van Hise, another progressive,  reveals his nature as being a voyeur with this self condemnation, "A great change as ever has been demanded by seer or profit!"

Wisconsin Governor Robert M. LaFollete had a hand in this too!

And here is the worst of it by Theodore Roosevelt,

"I have actively fought in favor of grafting on our social life, no less than our industrial life, many of the German ideals."

What did I believe the name is Abert Spear the Nazi say at I believe the Nuremburg trials or maybe it was Goebel, it was something like this, we did everything in our power using radio like technology to bring an entire population of 80 million to be dependent minded! WWII was in the 1940's.  The radio was indeed invented around 1907.  Long before the radio was telegraphy technology.  It had to have emitted EMF fields that could be modulated too! And if you turn an Electromagnetic Frequency Generator up enough the field can negate the electrical synapses of the human brain, it can also be voice modulated in what is called Microwave hearing, and it can cause stroke and death!

It violates every human right our Constitution was founded upon.  It is like erasing the existence of any future founding fathers by its indoctrination.

One more comparison to a star trek series foe.  From a Laughlin, A Eugenicist book, " passing a bill (Eugenics) by convincing both houses that serving the "collective" was most important!  (Laghlin p. 31)  Do you see what really went on hear?  The Collective were the feeble minded not those being sterilized!  They were likely had damaged hippo campuses from alcohols effect on human brain development.  Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere, it is caused by oxygen deprivation, Blue Death, to the hippo campus of the human brain.  Once that goes a person can no longer process thoughts based on their own memories, they often become violent like Alzheimer's patients are!  The hippo campus is substantially damaged in Alzheimer patients!  They can still speak for a while though!  What does that tell you, some people can learn how to speak while not being able to learn based on their own memories from a functioning hippo campus.  Wisconsin was a big German beer state!  I really see no reason why a few should be sacrificed for the benefit of German beer drinkers who "know nothing!"  The whole principle of Eugenics based on sterilizing those who have had their minds split violates every principle of human rights and the United States Constitution.  We should never have had the second best minds in power anywhere in the country.  It creates a country with double vision or an Obfuscated view of how everything should be.  A great mind thinks societies needs would best be met with clean solar energy whereas a member of a collective rights it with every fiber of his dead head!  I could go into that in detail, but will at a later date.

So make one of those and see what results you get!!!  There is no real harm that can come from it, set it there and encapsulate the jewels with it so they aren't hanging out the side of it and just relax.  And indeed do not be subjected to pressure from comments such as "that is odd!"  Your reply will indeed be, I have never felt better in my life!  And indeed You might be amazed!

Yeah I know how this stuff reads to the general public, I know attempts could be made to condemn and commit me because of it.  But I believe my research and proofs condemn anyone who would attempt that.

And I want to give Jews a big applause because they targeted a faction of you as they would me!  So who would do this to the bunch of us?  It might be said to be a person that was out of the loop because of a defective hippo campus?  And indeed some Jews might very well indeed be just like me!  If Jews who don't like alcohol and believe in what I say ever wanted to form a coalition I would be open to it!  If their were those Jews that wanted to root out the cause of Nazi Germany and have no prior knowledge of the concepts I am writing about, I am your guy!

One more point.  In researching Eugenics I once came across the name Rodgers or Rogers that was prominent figure in it.  Which brings up another point?  We shouldn't be rewarding...

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 28 2013 at:

PS. I do not even proof read this stuff for wrong words and missing words and bad grammar.  It is just raw out of the keyboard.  And the reason for that is, "I am not here to provide the collective with an education!"  There has not been a Nobel Prize in literature awarded to an American in 20 years.  That is about the time I first started hearing voices.  A WASP nest is also a collective in a sense too isn't it?

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