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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bank Fraud Long Term 10 17 2013

Bank Fraud Long Term 10 17 2013

China only has about $1.5 Trillion of our $16.9 Trillion in debt.  I don't know the exact breakdown of the rest of the holders but it has to be other foreign countries, financial institutions and the public in some manner.

So you buy a Series EE Treasury bond with a Guaranteed Face Value of $200 in 1982 and you pay $100 dollars for it.  You go to cash it in three days ago before you believed the country would default on its debt and you get $542 for it!  You made five times your original money.  But what would happen if the country defaulted on its debt?  How much would you get? In comparison when a Corporation that issues a bond goes bankrupt you get 10 cents on the dollar.  And indeed sometimes when countries fail their currency becomes entirely worthless so you would get nothing on that Series EE bond in the event the Tea Party was successful and a cascade of events followed.

But on that series EE bond you are guaranteed to get $200.  Never mind that one was was worth $542 today.   So indeed 200/542 is about roughly 40%.  So if someone really unscrupulous came into Government and wanted to screw us he would indeed say that all you are entitled to is the $200 on that bond!  Do you see how a fraud with regard to future interest has been built into the bond?  That Engenioused person could indeed reduce our national debt by 60 percent to about $7 Trillion from $16.9 Trillion just by saying all you should get is what you are gauranteed to get!  It is built in long term financial fraud.  So one asks himself what happened to the other $10 trillion dollars?  It is very simple it went to buy those incompetent bankers million dollar houses over a course of 30 years!  In other words they blew it all right in front of us!

We had to go to three banks before we got our Series EE treasuries redeemed.  I can just see a poor black person going to the counter of a bank trying to redeem that bond and having the clerk lie and say this is invalid I will have to confiscate it!  Then if he causes trouble she calls the Police.  Okay so it might not happen like that but with the trouble and bad interaction we had redeeming ours I would not hesitate to believe that.

Okay you can do that you can default on the debt if you want.  But it is not going to rest on the publics shoulders.  It is going to come out of the assets and pockets of everyone who worked for the Financial industry and banking system!  If we can see through it we can also appropriately determine what laws have been violated and prosecute.

Do you see how the fraud was planned for?  It is worth $542 today but if we default we only have to pay you $200 if even that much.  They just erased $10 trillion in debt!  And I would not put it past them to try just this sort of thing.  It reads like something the Know Nothing party cooked up.  Here is something else you blacks will like.  After the Civil War ended all the blacks thought they were free.  It wasn't necessarily true!  The Union Army recruited them to fight some fight in Texas!  Who knows how many died?  So what was Abraham Lincolns real reason to enter the war?  His wife went mad.  I have always asked if he believed that she was made a mental slave to others?  I have not read about her to know what extreme end of the spectrum she was on- either stolen soul or bitter old hag that was raised on a stolen soul and stuck there.  Either way it implies that they did not want that type of slavery spreading to the North.  They were defeated with the resulting capabilities and legalese created in the wake of WWII.

Where does my belief system come from?  There is something called the Condratif (Sp?)cycle that predicts there will be a financial disaster ever 70 years or so.  That built in guarantied value less than market value looks to be the workings or machinations of such cycle!  In other words a way to default and erase $10 trillion without really defaulting on the debt.  It means they spent $10 trillion they did not earn nor have the capacity to earn!  And all these ideas and principles I am writing about are indeed worked up from just that one idea, so there is plenty of argument- but what is likely true is that what is true about the individual case is also true of the whole.

And what are the desired consequences of that $10 trillion being erased?  The rich will then pretend like there is no food for the rest of us and starve us through manipulation of genetically engineered crop seeds.  I will not drink anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it due to what I believe is an Atrazine connection.  Atrazine being another chemical derivative Nazi Germany horror Zyclone B.  Do you want to know something?  A stingy old German never buys and drinks soda pop!  He drinks water and eats self popped popcorn for breakfest.  It is likely in the popcorn too!

I just found out that my maternal grandfather died of prostate cancer.  He was an alcoholic.  My mother told me that a Doctor named Doctor Smith gave him something and he never drank again.  I wonder if that something caused his prostate cancer?  Alcohol causes it.  But do you know what else likely causes it?  The same thing that causes ovarian cancer, the human papilloma virus, and that is just pure speculation on my part, but I have a strong conviction it is true.  Viral strains can be thought of as little bits of Animal DNA that attach themselves to yours.  Do you know that in an excavation in a very specific region of what was ancient Israel, an area I believe was Israel and not Judah, they found absolutely no pig bones in comparison to nearby societies!  Do you see how some people might not like those who are intelligent and into clean and healthy living?

So they erase ten trillion and sit in their homes and wait for the rest of us to die.  They also close all the doors to the banks.  Indeed the foreign banks located here would probably drill out all the safe deposit boxes and take the gold from the safe and leave the country too.  What is the point?  If they close those bank doors don't panic.  Why not?  Because nobody competent works there today anyway!  I mean nobody that has the financial acumen to help the nation out of a financial crisis works their or ever likely did!  I could get into the recent dialog from my interaction with bankers but I won't.

It looks like the Tea Plug was extremely eager to pull the plug on the country to me!!!  You too?  Barracks statements today regarding them were perhaps the most beautiful I have heard in some time.  He basically said, and I am paraphrasing; if you don't like it here don't try to ruin it for the rest of us.  If you don't like an elected official then try and get elected yourself.  That is one point he needs to be more assertive with because it really reveals the vile nature of the Tea Party.  The other point that he made that I will paraphrase is-if you don't like it here articulate your complaints!  It means, as we all know, that the Tea Party has not been able to articulate their complaints!  That sounds a lot like the ancient know nothing party.  By the way it was a Know Nothing Party member that was a Union General that rounded up as many freed blacks as he could and took them to fight in Texas.  Where are those bones buried I have to ask!  I don't want to say who owns a lot of that land or land south of the border from there?  But his brother vied for the 2012 election?

Paul Ryan once said something like if they get that healthcare program it is the end of us.  Okay Paul Ryan it looks like it is time for you to declare defeat?  Rather than attempt to further undermine our economy.  Paul Ryan's district had bad employment statistics in the last election- the solution was to put a new Casino in that region.  What does a casino have to do with native American customs?  We didn't teach the Indians how to gamble we taught them how to ladle out beans while a white person takes in a good chunk of the loot for management?  That isn't legal!

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