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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Money in Politics (campaign, lobby, or otherwise) 10 15 2013

Money in Politics (campaign, lobby, or otherwise) 10 15 2013

That money could have been laundered from a foreign enemy or a criminal organization.

The public not knowing where it came from could QUICKLY be the end of the United States!

And that money does not even have to be laundered for its influence to put an end to the United States rather quickly.  We do not know personal motivations of pooled money!  Nor can pooled money prove what their personal motivation is or that is for the good of our country!  That is contradictory to the health of a democracy!  Pooled money in politics is not Democratic it is putting one vote above another's!!! In effect it makes the vote of one person a human being not count as much as another!  And it just so happens that that one persons vote should be weighed more heavily! That is why they do it because they cannot compete in any other way rather than using a more dollars voting approach.  Which ever side votes with the most dollars wins!!! That is not in the spirit of the Constitution, so let that be your assignment for the day- those who I have accused of not rightly belong in in the legal profession- why is the most voting dollars winning elections not Constitutional.  Do you indeed have the aptitude to figure that out for yourself?

Money should not determine who is elected, knowledge, strength and integrity should!

All Supreme Court members who approved such policies and laws should be tested for human reason and conscience!  It is a far different concept from legal aptitude today!

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