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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Famous Black Man accussed of using the date rape drug on a woman twice 10 22 2013

A Famous Black Man accussed of using the date rape drug on a woman twice 10 22 2013

Okay I can't help but think about that in relation to Germany no longer selling the lethal injection drug to the Untied States.

Does it not seem like cruel and unusual punishment to give someone the needle?  Look at how long it takes to get it there.

The quickest way to kill someone in capital punishment would be a shotgun blast to the back of the head with a 12 gauge with 00 shells.  There would be no survival.  And it is my opinion that using a date rape drug is a crime against humanity and should receive the death penalty!  It is unconscionable!

And this is all how California influences the rest of the United States.  It is pay to commit crimes!  Everyone East of their see's it is going without question in their mind.  It erodes the integrity our nation was founded upon.

It brings up another point?  The apple does not far from the tree.  Do we really want bastard children from a man that used a date rape drug to get a woman pregnant roaming the earth.  What are the consequences of this?  They just create more males just like them that would use a date rape drug on women to get them pregnant.  Pretty soon all you would have is a race like Attila the Huns.

Now Socialite white people are guilty of this too.  I believe we need a national DNA database to see just who came from who!  And maybe some way to readily identify these people.  Like they have to wear a green card around their neck.

What is the point?  It totally crowds out the son who was raised to be a good man from becoming able to earn a living in the United States!  He starts off with the belief that in order for a woman to marry him he must first become successful at work.  He would never get a woman pregnant without being able to support her.  So what happens when the bastards take over as they have?  The good human man is crowded out!

And what is the creation of bastard sons and daughters that won't have a father and won't do well in school?  It is hatred of man in our society!  What is raping an unconscious woman?  It is hatred of your mother! 

I had more to add to this and it could have been better developed but that's all.

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