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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spelling lesson by Thomas Paul Murphy 10 24 2013

Spelling lesson by Thomas Paul Murphy 10 24 2013

Who is the leader in terms of having the best principles?
Who would know what principles apply?
Who of us has the wherewithal of principles to handle the bad children?
Who would know what principles to apply to modify bad behavior?
Of our grouping of teachers who has the most valid principles concerning proper disciplinary action?
It seems like the appropriate principles of discipline have not been applied for some time; news items that are common today.
What type of parents lacks the principles to adequately discipline his/her own child?
Are there parents who lack the principles to be parents?
How do we judge an adult in terms of their principles?
Can it be proved that some adults lack the principles that we should consider common in human beings?
How has your personal lack of principle caused some of your own problems?
Do you feel that you should never be punished for not living with principles or teaching your own children good principles?
Can you name three principles of behavior your child is lacking?
What do you attribute a person’s lack or principles to?

Contrast that to the homonym Principal.
The woman with good principles became my principal pal and I made her principal of the school.

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