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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Scorched Earth Directive and a Bucket of Pennies 10 23 2013

The Scorched Earth Directive and a Bucket of Pennies 10 23 2013
Japan might have just issued a scorched earth directive like Adolf Hitler issue to Nazi Germany when they lost WWII!
That is what is going on with that leaking nuclear power plant in Japan and radioactive Pacific Ocean sea water?  Japan was indeed part of the Axis side of WWII that included Nazi Germany and also Italy!
What happened post WWII was the world belief in the satanic zombification of human souls in the religion of Nazi Psychiatry- it is being challenged and defeated; hence the scorched earth policy!
What we are seeing with that nuclear power plant is likely the first of many in a worldwide death apocalypse!
But it was coming anyway in the form of reckless and unaccountable worldwide Corporate activity!
The devil being a human being of a satanic mind that wants to be able to make the living dead out of many human being it chooses!  That’s it’s nature!
All the money world corporations has ever made has been at the general expense of human health and the wellbeing of Human Beings!  And that is against the United States Constitution.  And after that, the result of that and satanic still hating themselves by comparison to human beings is going to kill us all.
The oil well on the Gulf of Mexico was another one of those scorched earth policies directed at the United States!  Barrack Obama did not act on that one effectively right away either.  It is well past the time to act on the Japan Nuclear Power plant!
And the U.S. has the duty as once the world leader by integrity to be vigilant with regard to environmental contamination and human health issues that can kill us all.  It is the new world threat to human beings.  Another issue to bring up is that Hitler gained very popular support in Nazi Germany, likely through the use of mind control technology that was radio based….but if Hitler wanted to leave Germany as a scorched earth, does it not bother you that Russia and China and even the United States has the power to create the scorched earth policy with Nuclear weapons?  How dare you say that about the United States you say in protest?  What do you think the Republican Party just tried to do to our United States Civilization- they tried to ruin in by shutting down our Government- that is a scorched earth policy!  The scorched earth policy really gives us great insight into the evil mind.  It tells us that their life or what they were created to be is so miserable that they would want to destroy us all.  Don’t make that decision for the rest of us, please just make it for yourself to finality!  Nobody wants to live near alcohol freak babies that cannot see through their own minds eye or think from it- the nature of a voyeur/satanic; just as Adolf Hitler was said to be!  The well off kid of a father who was a violent drunk that abused him.   Anyone know of someone living in your neighborhood that abuses alcohol daily?  Whose adult children can’t look at a healthy human being without gritting their teeth in envy?  There have to be brain scans of the hippocampus so that someone like this never gains control of nuclear weapons so that a worldwide scorched earth policy can be implemented.  If they were willing to destroy the U.S. Government they would also willfully initiate the scorched earth policy!
The next question with regard to Japan is, is Japan buying up photovoltaics so that the rest of the world can’t have them?  And even more disturbing if Japan is not in danger of radioactive waste, then why are deep sea creatures surfacing off the coast of California?  Is Japan dumping radioactive waste in the water off the coast of California or in the Pacific Ocean currents on the way to the West Coast?  Do you not remember that was their tactic in WWII to just let bombs drift towards the United States in the air on balloons!!!!!  They could be irradiating California and have the alibi that it was really a Nuclear Power plant issue.  We need to put radioactive water monitoring buoys in ever ocean spot near our shores that we can.  Not only that all seafood entering the United States from the Pacific should be monitored for radiation levels!
So Great Britain was willfully negligent with regard to American Health and so is Japan.  Who is next Russia/China?  China sent us leaded coffee cups and toys.  Lead being known to cause mental retardation.  In effect the money that we pay China in Interest every year, likely to be about $75 Billion a year represents a great threat to United States National Security.  But if you are a Satanic American already you don’t care.  In fact you applaud the effort.  Not only that you facilitate it through the Federal (means monarchy) banking system.  A Federation is also the heart of every Jewish community.
World Corporations use a false concept of work and how work should be structured to mock and antagonize legitimate human life!  It is like three hobo’s gained control of employment and then wreaked havoc on the world for us televising their ineptitude at work in a black and white situational comedy.
And indeed they take the concept, “I don’t want to work with anybody I don’t like,”  a step further to “I want to be able to kill any human being that has human reason and human conscience, at my choosing!”
Just look around you, it means unnatural sickness, disease and death on a mass scale!
So how do we defeat them?  If we left a bucket of Abraham Lincoln pennies at their front door every day we might be able to change the world in the absence of their miserable influence.  They would just sit back happy all day long that they were rewarded and would no longer need to detrimentally meddle in world affairs that concern human health and the future of humanity.
If we could gain control of the U.S. Banking system and we should be able to because, we the taxpayer bailed them out, we could leave a bucket of pennies at their front door every morning until they became miserable and died.  If we had control of the banking system it could even be the same bucket returned to them after they deposited it.  So why would they become miserable and die?  Because they could no longer compare themselves favorably to human beings.  Controlling money and work is the only way they can do that.  If they are given a bucket of pennies every morning for not creating a wasteland for human health, as if they were working, it would prevent them from creating waste.
Do you know what psychiatry really is?  You have to believe that some modern people do indeed have the archetype of the mind of Satan; it is soulless in that it cannot process memories and think based on its own memories because of a defective hippo campus. So in effect it needs a template of a mature adult human mind to raise its young on.  You can’t raise your children to be human beings if you yourself were not raised to be one.  And when those children reach adulthood the other directive from the satanic/voyeur Nazi leader Adolf Hitler kicks in, and that is the Scorched mind policy.
The scorched earth and scorched mind policy are crimes against humanity.  I want to say it is the worst of human nature but it is not human nature at all!  It is lesser than human nature.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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