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Monday, October 14, 2013

How to cure Planters Fasciitis 10 14 2013

How to cure Planters Fasciitis 10 14 2013

The other day I heard a man speak on the radio about Planters Fasciitis.  He recommended a way to tape your foot up.  I thought that I would share my cure for it.
You want to get on a stationary bicycle and do between 5 to 20 minutes of peddling.  Immediately afterwards lay on the floor and put the calves of your legs on one of those gym balls that essentially look like a super heavy duty beach ball.  Work your calves around on that ball to free up any metabolites that might have been loosened through the exercise.  And this does indeed include heavy metals that you may have been exposed to such as mercury and lead.  If you don’t have one of those balls place your feet up on the side of a wall and wiggle your toes and ankles around.  This also works for shin splints.
This cured my Planters Fasciitis in one day!


It is also very important to wear sandals like he stated, they cost $2.50 at a discount store, so that you don’t get the human papilloma virus.  It is also important to drink plenty of water.  It is also very important that you determine if the foot pain or joint pain occurred as an increase in your weight over time.  If so, you need to get down to where you were more robust and healthy.  And that might mean losing only as much as 10 pounds and keeping it off.  You will never gain more weight than when you eat Pizza.  What also helps is a pair of arch supports to put in your shoes.  The lady at a national drugstore chain showed me a pair for around $10, they are green on one side and have black elastic strap about 2” wide that fit over the middle of your foot.  They work great.  When you increase your arch support or buy a new pair of shoes you might notice that you have tremendous amounts of energy because your feet are not stressed as much!  I won’t get into what supplements can help in this article.

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