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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Idea for New Milwaukee 10 23 2013

Idea for New Milwaukee 10 23 2013

If New Milwaukee really wants to develop Wisconsin Avenue into an art gallery in that mall then you need unbreakable glass or plexiglass walls that are in front of any paintings that are displayed in that lower level space.

Why?  Because of the local traffic paintings might be subject to vandalism.

Even at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design if you walk around and look at the paintings you can indeed see that one of them is ruined by having coffee spilled on it.

No legitimate painter would want their work displayed their without them being protected by the feature mentioned above.


And anyone who walks down Wisconsin Avenue looks up at the vacant spaces and wonders who owns them and what is going on in there.  Not only that those of us who were forced to read  A Hero Ain't Nothing but a Sandwich in grade school wonder where the drunk with the pliers is lurking about.

Some drunk New Milwaukee sold beer to at an event?

Makes one wonder?  What should a New Milwaukee really mean?  New means you get rid of the old ways or lessen the perception of them.  And the beer industry is indeed old Milwaukee.  Get usher in the new unless you usher out the old?  That beer baron money and the effects of alcohol are what made Milwaukee what it should have never been!

In other words a New Milwaukee will never be created from that point of view.  Change does not occur when their are great obstacles for change that are being denied. 

It is like listening to a futile waste of money and mockery of pragmatism.

Why don't you try selling New Milwaukee drinks that are completely non alcoholic.  You could have a new Milwaukee non- alcoholic drink contest.  The winner might receive rent free for a year to establish just the kind of business that should be a New Milwaukee?

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