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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Repopulating the United States to be Consistent with the Constitution of the United States and the Spirit of humanity that wrote it

Repopulating the United States to be Consistent with the Constitution of the United States and the Spirit of humanity that wrote it!

1.       Indian Casino’s.  Indian Casino’s!  Enough of this already!  The Indians believed in living off the land.  They believed in not wasting any part of an Animal that they killed.  I drove through Kenosha/Racine a year or two ago and saw that big empty parking lot of the factory that is moth balled.  I immediately thought- the best thing for the state of Wisconsin would be a factory that produced Amorphous Solar Cells capable of producing electricity and electric power from sunlight!  I even wrote an article that is what should be built there!  And that is an idea that is highly consistent with what Native Americans believed.  But no that is not what happened.  Now we have a proposal for another Indian Casino!  Alcohol and Tobacco dumbed down the Indian population to the point that some people believed they were incapable of learning like the rest of us!  It isn’t true!  A true Native American Indian Chief would know what is not good for his tribe.  Every native American in Wisconsin should have been able to buy a home and a little land with that Casino money by now!  There should be no division between tribes or separation; all money should have been equally distributed based on percent native American rules.  When that statement is true then all those Casinos can be renamed to Solar Tax Collection facilities. They can only employ Native Americans.  Native Americans employed will receive minimum wage just the same as every executive or manager from a Corporation in the United States will also receive in this new world!!!  Everyone in the Country will be leveled down in pay structure.  As equal pay for equal performance is indeed part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written by the United Nations of the World!  There will no longer be alcohol or tobacco commercially produced in the United States so it would be sold there.  The money that Casino brings in over minimum wage salaries will first be used to provide solar electricity to every Native American in Wisconsin!  Free electricity!  Then the concept will be expanded to provide solar panels to the rest of the Community of Wisconsin members!  After that it is tax that goes directly to infrastructure projects for clean, air, water and land.  Another Native American principle!  I am not going to let it get to the point where Native American tribes lobby for the rights to the former traditions such as cannibalism!   Get it?

2.       All College Universities in the United States will be stripped of their current names!  Any formed in concrete School names are to be ground to flush!  In place of those names will indeed be the name of the first student to be hazed at that University.  Also the halls of that University will no longer bear the names of money donors.  They will bear the names of women who were gang raped and dropped out!  Think of it as your new stations of the cross principle!  And indeed artists who hear voices and not thoughts in their head and have been disabled will indeed by the ones commissioned to paint those horror scenes of hazing and gang rape and new Stations of the Cross to be displayed at those Universities!  All Jerseys and apparel from such Universities and Professional sports teams are to be burnt as if their existence was a desecration of the Stars and Stripes of the United States Flag!  College and Professional Sports Teams will be stripped of their names and teams will be named after the first of the community who were diagnosed as having their soul stolen and SPLIT!  Whoever that was at Penn State, the school and team will be named after him!

3.       United States Banks will no longer be able to bear a unique corporate name.  The United States Banking system works on a trickle down principle.  Money is loaned first to Money Center banks which are the largest national banks of the country.  They indeed went bankrupt and the Taxpayer had to bail them out!  Instead they will be called Taxpayer Banks.  And State banks will be termed with the following nomenclature principle, “Wisconsin Taxpayer Bank Middle East.”  To designate banks in Milwaukee Wisconsin for example.  And what about loans?  They have been negligently made and the money negligently loaned.  Therefore every legal citizen of a banking region gets to vote on loan proposals!  It is a democratic principle.  Banking for money defeats the value of the United States dollar.  And loan ideas will be grouped in amount of money needed.  So therefore a Taxpayer will order projects in that category in terms of which he or she would like to see funded first- if any!  The taxpayer will also be able to view a bank regions budget to determine what is feasible for a banking region!  Taxpayers can also comment as to why they believe a project should not be on that docket!  A taxpayer is required to read at least five different opinions as to why a project is good or bad.  2 good reviews 2 bad reviews, 1 middle ground.  It will be known if the taxpayer has read the proposals because there will be a caphcha (sp?) that stems from the content a taxpayer is required to enter before he can vote on projects.
4.       All bars are to be void of alcohol and will be renamed with the name of the first person in that lived in proximity to that bar that died of an alcohol related illness.  And again a station of the cross painting will be put up in their honor!  They will be community facilities that serve coffee and food and where a group of 5 people can sit at a table and play board type games and talk.
5.       There will no longer be Hospitals with Corporate names.  Instead they will be named Hospital Region + (gps coordinate)  That and again those who received negligent Doctoring or Hospital Care there that lead to their death will indeed be the artwork that forms the Stations of the cross at those hospitals!
6.       All Churches will be renamed after the first person that was victimized for their human soul in the surrounding community!  The goal of the Church faculty will be to see that every homeless person has a home of their own and food.  There will be no alcohol raised above the Priests head at the climax of mass in order to glamorize it!  Or that Church will bear the surname of the first child to be sexually molested there!  The fact that every denomination has had this activity occur means that all churches will be stripped of their denomination grouping.  Those Churches are to be renamed in the Modern Station of the Cross Principle.  And certain activities will be forbidden from occurring there; such as dancing around with a live  snake  or promoting beliefs that justify the satanic to victimize human being in sacrifice for themselves.  Stuff like that.  Upon an infraction the speaker of the church is…..the community can…
7.       All United States Corporations are to be stripped of their corporate name and instead be rebranded with the name of the first person who worked for that Corporation that became disabled their!  This will have a pass through provision to any grants made by original profiteers and structures that bear their names.

 The U.S. dollar is not Federation money and the United States was not created to be a FEDERATION!  A FEDERATION being defined whereby a select few of wealthy families or that ideology deem themselves the authority to make decisions for everyone and in effect control the lives of the up and comers in order to defeat them!
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PS.  The assets of all United States Breweries and distilleries will be confiscated for the purpose of creating pure distilled drinking water. There will no longer be beer labels or alcohol labels.  The labels on the building will be rebranded by artists commissioned to create images in the likeness of fetal alcohol syndrome children!

PPS.  Interesting concept; a corporation being managed by those who were disabled by it!  Sounds like it needs to happen!

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