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Friday, October 25, 2013

Intoxication is caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain

Intoxication is caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain

We have the fake cigarette why can't we have the fake beer?  This would be something that has the same effect as alcohol.  It would not have to be near as costly as alcohol!  For example we could first determine all who support the alcohol industry in our country.  Then we can indeed give them a life time supply of what will be termed alcohol effect.

This would indeed be a computer controlled device that deprives the brain of oxygen?  And indeed it could be simply made by a cinching type strap that fits around the neck and locks in place.  It could also have a timer so that every Friday night Mr. Potato did not miss his alcohol.  In fact it could be timed for his afternoon sit in the lawn chair.

The invention will be called "The Intoxicator"

The cinch would be activated by an electric worm gear motor that would cinch it just enough around their neck in order to cause inebriation!  And have none of what is termed by the alcohol industry to be lasting effects!  It could also be made what would be termed extremely safe by constantly monitoring blood oxygen levels.  It could also be fit with a battery power failure failsafe whereby if the battery lost power the cinch would automatically spring release from the neck.

For those who are still worried it could be equipped with an oxygen tank and mask so that if the power failed oxygen would be fed into the nose and mouth.  No guaranties can be made concerning continued breathing however?

In 1969 the legislature of Wisconsin wanted to put a $10 tax on a barrel of beer!  It should have happened then.  But in inflation adjusted terms how much of a tax would that be on a barrel of beer today?  A barrel of beer today costs $145 dollars.

I am using stats from the above link and applying it to the cost of two half barrels today using algebra.  The cost of a 6 pack of beer looked to be about 75 cents in 1969 versus about 5 dollars today.  Working backwards, and it would need to be verified, that would put the cost of barrel of beer at 75/500*$145 or $21.75!!!  That is twenty one dollars and seventy five cents.  So that means the tax proposed on a barrel of beer was (10/21.75) or 46%  that reads forty six percent!  So in today's terms the same tax would equate to every barrel of beer being taxed (.46 x 145) or $66.70 that reads sixty six dollars and seventy cents.

And of course you have to have the ability to understand algebra to know what this implies!

And who was Governor in 1969 in Wisconsin?  Warren P. Knowles.  So he might have taken part in killing the idea.

But because it was put forth back then do not be surprised to see a $ 67 dollar tax for a barrel of beer proposed today.  Why?  Because we have more issues with it today than we did back then.  And it does indeed pose a great threat to the United States and our Constitution!

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