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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Epidemic of Failure 10 20 2013

Epidemic of Failure 10 20 2013

That is what the inner cities are experience with regard to educating black children.

Now I am going to ask the question but then I going to back away from it.  Just so you know.

Are there races that cannot be civilized?  Whereby if you give them freedom they erode it to mean they are free to violate human rights in order to make money?

1. Blacks and drug use
2. Italians defeating Prohibition
3. Slavic's Cannibalizing the human soul for profit
4. English nationals implementing the rationing out the body of human beings in the form of the Corporation.

We give you all the rights in the world and you degrade our country to criminal behavior as a matter of personal success!

Now you can either view it in those terms or you can view it in the terms of what a Good Shepherd like Jesus Christ would say.  He might say that you hold have all been born equal but that something was given or sold to you or your parents before you were conceived that made you that way.

Can you see how an individual that has compromised human conscience and reason would be the hardest type of individual to convince that there is something wrong with them?  Has their ever been a study whereby a person with a defective hippocampus from oxygen deprivation... that they tried to teach them something about themselves but they were willfully ignorant in believing they were different?  And hence that popularized belief of theirs was indeed the vicious cycle cause that promoted itself throughout history?  In other words you can't learn the cause of your mental defect because you have the mental defect!

And when we argue with one until we are blue in the face we become just like the cause of one and they are no better for it!  (Do you see the benefit in terms of logic and reason from the study of the teachings of the Jew Jesus Christ!  There are some that would say that even a touch of knowledge from this man of great historical significance in the Public School System is a violation of Church and State!  It isn't because he is a great part of our history!  And he indeed made a great stand in World History just as Abraham Lincoln and Charles Sumner did!  What has been downplayed is the significance of his stand in history.  Sure we hear all in detail about the great dictators and imperliasts of world history but we never hear of those who stood up to defy them!  We never hear of those who risked life and limb to make a stand against horrific dictators!  Those people should be studied in history classes.  And do you know what else should be studied?  How could we have prevented Hitler or Cesar or Attila the Hun (you probably could name more than I)  from being successful?  Or better yet, "How could Jesus Christ have won and not been crucified?"  What would you have done to prevent Oliver Cromwell from confiscating Ireland's Potatoes?  The answer to that gets us put in jail today?  With the admonishment speech being read on the nightly news.  Jesus was of great historical significance.  But you do not see the true nature of that significance.  Instead he is labeled immortal and Godly and therefore it has no relevance in public schools.  Who didn't like him?  The Church of England. They did not like the U.S. being free from them either. They are known as Protestants and Lutherans today!  There are many religions that are Protestant.  They have different names but they are all Protestant!!!!  Who is it that seeks to hide their identity from the rest of us?

My symbol to what you are is three fingers raised like the Irish Crown of my family crest.  It means you are third or last!  It means the Trinity of a good father a good son and a good grandfather!  That is the power of the Trinity.  It is far different than bastard fails to teach bastard son.  The Trinity is indeed the three Irish Crowns of my family Crest!

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