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Monday, October 14, 2013

Commentary on John McCain's outspokeness 10 14 2013

What is Al Qaeda?  They are a group of muslim's that are extremists to the point of terrorism?  And what is a Muslim?  It is someone that does not believe in drinking alcohol as per the teachings of Allah.  And who is John McCain?  Someone that was tortured by Communists who indeed had a primitive culture, a primitive culture that is exactly like what is found in every family in the United States that has an alcoholic in it!  John McCain is an honored war veteran.  As I grew up every time that I met a 5417kid in the rich neighborhood I grew up in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin I always wanted to know one thing, "Did that kids father serve in WWII?"  The answer was always No they didn't.

Lately I have found everything John McCain has said a bold breath of fresh air!  That is the vernacular Americans talk in and believe in!  John has a right and obligation to the American public to say what he believes in!

The original Republican Party formed to abolish slavery.  Slavery is indeed created by the minds that are defective and dysfunctional from alcohol use. There is no other way for them to compete other than violence and acts of violence.  Not only did those who founded the Republican Party not believe in slavery they also did not believe in a specific form of it, mental slavery or the creation of human beings put on zombifying drugs and labeled schizophrenic.  Slavery and the south was Satanic as Corporate America is Satanic today!

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