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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 17 Trillion National Debt Give Away to Military Corporations

The 17 Trillion National Debt Give Away to Military Corporations

I have a background in Finance and Accounting.  I graduated from the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1991 and passed the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam that same year the first time I took it!

In  my rubbing elbows networking I met a man who worked for the Army.  I don't know what the official title was but he was involved with inventory control.

With a smile on his face he told me how they fooled the Army Auditors by....whenever their was an inventory audit the military trucks would be loaded up with what was on hand and go for a drive!!!!

Do you get it?  They kept all that stuff and somehow sold or profited from it!!!!!

(Does arms for hostages in IRAN and the election of President Reagan sound familiar to you?  Where did he get the arms to give to them from?  He did not have that authority.  Do you know what that reminds me of?  A son that would chop down his fathers favorite cherry tree because he thought it would make his father happy?)

We have a 17 Trillion dollar national debt today.  A lot of that is from payments made to defense contractors!  But the question becomes.  So you get widespread pilfering from our Army goods, what happens when those people return to normal life in the U.S. after the active wars?  It is very simple they are going to do everything in their power to keep that tap open to them!!!!  Why?  It was easy money!

So indeed you have the rise of the military industrial complex.  And it was a Government and taxpayer giveaway!  Is some of that technology now being used against American Citizens?  Of course it is!

So how can we defeat something like this?  We can't!  And not only that, we can't pay that debt back because nothing was done to earn that money it was given away!

The taxpayer didn't do this!  And how can we indeed seize the assets of all military contractors?  We can't!  They have the firepower.  So what happens next?  What happens when we can't pay back that debt?  The country goes bankrupt!

And what do we have to show for that 17 trillion in debt?  Everything negative in our economy can indeed be attributed to the ms-allocation or give away of that Abraham Lincoln money!  Every single problem that we have can be considered to have occurred in relation to Government subsidy of Corporations!  Corporations are not people even a 5 year old knows the difference between the fantasy and reality of that!

Have you ever known someone that was PICKED OFF by a drunk driver or drug user?  What happens next is the instance of character that our founding fathers had will be PICKED OFF to extinction!

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