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Thursday, October 17, 2013

She Wouldn't Remember 10 17 2013

She wouldn’t remember
I am talking about a girl that was born on the unknown and marginal end of fetal alcohol syndrome.
She wouldn’t remember:
1.       How and when she was abused in the home and otherwise.  It would seem like a normalized action to her.
2.       How much she hurts other people as an adult and human sympathy and emotion.
3.       What she learned in terms of her having a right not to be abused.  What she could do about it.  What the low self esteem from the abuse is preventing her from doing with regard to asserting her rights.
4.       But she could speak even though her hippocampus was oxygen deprivation defective.
5.       Why create a woman to be that way?  There can be only one simple reason: to be a sex slave.  And I am not going to provide biblical references to the men of Judah selling their daughters as slaves.
6.       Both trauma, lack of loving imprinting between a parent and his daughter, alcohol and inbreeding cause hippocampus damage.

What you were never told about the effects of alcohol.
Not only are these young woman forced into prostitution they are also forced into Wiccan Possession of human beings!
The Puritans believed in what has been mistermed demonic possession.  What they really believed in would more accurately be described as Wiccan Possession!  Because that is indeed who they prosecuted for the act of demonic possession- the wiccan.  Demonic possession is a term that separates the cause by a layer of potential disbelief!
Schizophrenia is not demonic possession it is indeed Wiccan Possession!
Who do drug traffickers target?  I started to think about this concept this morning as I thought about a drug bust that was made at 3 local fast food restaurants.    It seems to me that we should be having far more frequent drug busts like this occurring!  The last one I remember was about a year ago.  What do I base my opinion on?  It is something I learned in college with regard too geographic nodes!  These were two very small geographic nodes.  And indeed there had to have even been competition with regard to selling into these geographic nodes.  Which furthers the conclusion that many more geopgraphic nodes are out there that are handled by drug gang members.
Who drug traffickers target?
Or rather how are drugs targeted and trafficked through State University Systems.  To understand this concept you have to suspend disbelief in a person being a satanic entity by first realizing how satan was defined in the Bible and then realizing what medical condition creates that exact same symptom category!  And something like this would be very hard to prove, the concept whereby those who are in the position of authority have an active interest in seeing that it cannot be proven; through stonewalling!  (Stonewalling is a good concept when you think of our Bricks and Mortar façade of the banking system and our unmanageable national debt!)
We know that it takes very little alcohol to ruin the part of the brain responsible for forming memories and thinking based on them.  So how does a person that cannot base their own actions on their own ideas think?  They think in what might be termed an extroverted manner.  Now that can either mean that the person radiates goodness and lives off the return aura of those good deads or that that person is a taker in terms of their relation to the outside world.  What am I getting up?  They get up in the morning and the direction of their thoughts is based entirely on interaction with other people.  In contrast to concept of self esteem and self worth developed through own achievement.  In the worst cases of this a person antagonizes other people in order to develop a dialog that is externally based on what its eyes see!  What it’s eyes see do indeed trigger that verbal memory!  The verbal ability is not a construct of memory translations based on concepts of self but instead based on interaction.  It can’t be based on concepts of self if the person has a defective hippocampus and therefore personal memory based mind.   I do believe that this type of person can fall on both ends of the spectrum, they can indeed be saints like Mother Theresa or they can be cannibalistic of human minds in the name of wealth and the status quo!  In both instances the concept is reflecting on the outside world as a basis for memory rather than constructs of human self.  Now in the worst case a hatred of human self or lack of it causes the memory formation by the taking from the self’s of others.  This is getting a bit “off articulation” but the concepts are still there.
I will never forget what my 7th or 8th grade Catholic School teacher told the class.  She said that what we have found out is that however you are by the age of ten years old is how you will be all your life and you will not change.  I thought she was talking about me but upon reflection I realize that is not true and why it isn’t true.  And here is the proof.  What do we know about the autistic?  Doctors do not want to diagnose someone as being autistic until the age of 8 years old.  That age is very close to that ten years old my Catholic Grade school teacher spoke about!  And autistics do indeed have damage to the hippocampus of the brain!  Hence the inability to learn.
So what do these people want to be as adults? Successful!  They desperately want to be something that they can never be and end up depriving those that can be of their natural and uncompromised ability.  Hence the phrase the devil loathed Jesus Christ.  The devil being the archetype of satan with a defective hippocampus. 
So who do drug dealer’s target?  Very simple- anyone who was so trusting that they would never have cause to believe any of what I have just written! – and their children!
Veal! Do you remember the cartoons where with savory lips the predator views the protagonist with his imagination as a turkey being roasted brown and turned on a spit?  In other words they do not want to possess a criminal minded person.  Why not?  Because it ends up that they all go to jail.  However if they possess the mind of a good person they can indeed work around the concept and put on the façade of a good persons achievements!  So they target what is termed the BEAUTIFUL MINDS.  Jesus Christ, a Jew, did indeed have a beautiful mind.  And he did indeed suffer from demons (wiccan possession) that he could not exorcise near the time just before his death!
So who is it that might  Wiccanly (demonically) possess the soul of a human being?  You have to relate the concept to the development of the hippocampus and who are the likely people that had their conception influenced by it.  Those would be anyone in the alcohol industry- such as tavern league members, it would be sons and daughters of the wealthy socialite drinking class, it could be the good man and woman’s child that was conceived after they got tanked on 3 bottles of Champagne on their honeymoon or wedding night!  It could indeed be your Customers Man- a derogatory term for stock brokers of this archetype.  It could indeed be actors, and actors who ventured into politics.  Really anywhere you see talent that does not seem like it is the level it should be.  It really only relates to whose conception and development were influenced by alcohol versus whose was not. Your pharmaceutical industry is also likely highly populated by the Defective Hippocampi (DH.)  As the profit margins for the psychiatry drugs have margins that dwarf the margins of all the other drugs they sell.  Which also means that through pass through of the markup that the pharmacies themselves have a vested interest in maintaining a medical fraud!  Big, Big, Big money in this! So that is indeed what can be considered who hidden satanic members are in your community?  And if you ever worked at a Corporation you know that many managers and executives have the same taking personality type.  Work is not supposed to be a concept whereby people do not get along.  The nature of work is something far different than that.  Only people that are able to get along with others can work as work should be done?  A corporation turns the concept of work into a sieve that strains the soul of humanity for a profit of a few satanic at the top.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that people should get equal pay for equal work.  The Corporation defeats this concept entirely!  To prove it just compare two corporations and you will see how people are not paid at the same level for the same work.  Now that is the most minimalized way to prove it.  If you then look at the hierarchical pay structure at the Corporation itself you will see a wide disparity!  I would argue that they current upper management does not deserve the same level of pay as the original innovators who the new ideas and entrepreneurship that started the Corporation.  That child that was neglected by his father who was at the Corporation every day does not have the same acumen as the founders because part of human development leading to innovative ideas has to do with a father son loving bond developing a hippocampus. That second or later generation doesn’t have it!  The great ideas come from synthesis.  Synthesis is a function of a highly developed hippocampus!  That kid doesn’t have it!  He has a holographic brain that antagonizes and receives.   In the worst cases they traumatize people in order to receive.  Hence the freshmen being hazed to death at Universities!  There is a great unrecognized difference among us!
You haven’t been honest with the public of the world and it is leading to our downfall.

As I was reading the Quran the other day, I just bought a copy.  I realized that what Allah experienced is very similar to a seizure.  I believe a seizure is the descention of the holy spirit upon the memory structure of a human being.  But the question then becomes who is more likely to have a seizure someone with a defective hippocampus or someone with a normal one?  Alcohol is known to cause seizures so it means that indeed someone with a defective hippocampus is more likely to have a seizure.  That holy spirit being a disseminated soul.  And please don’t hate me if I am describing what I believe to be valid concepts regarding religion.  But someone had to have been feeding the mind of Allah!  Did the Jews feed the mind of Allah?  (That’s the part the Muslims would hate me for writing.)  More likely it was someone that knew Allah a friend of the family or a neighbor who loved him dearly and seeded his mind in this way.  It was indeed someone that had both the ability to think along with others as if they were them (defined by me as Satanic) and also sought to help such a person formulate a belief system?  Now this would have to be a very rare breed in our society!!! Very rare indeed!  But it could indeed be someone that is part of the general satanic population?
Okay back to the lack of drug busts in Wisconsin.  It reminds me a lot of what my father who served in WWII told me.  He rode over the Bridge at Remaggen (sp?) in a Jeep.  He saw old growth trees in the Hurtgen (sp?)Forest get sawed in have by machine gun fire. He told me the German Castles were not touched by bombs!  Milwaukee is indeed known to be German beer capital.  The concept of disabling the hippocampus of a normal and healthy human being is indeed also a German concept at the black heart of psychiatry!  Many of those busted in the drug bust yesterday were German and that is a good sign.  The British Empire and all of Europe and Russia can also be said to have Germanic roots or origins???  To involuntarily commit a person is indeed an arrest and it is indeed a violation of your constitutional rights to be arrested without cause.  If you are involuntarily committed and where not read your memorandum rights I would consider that an invalid arrest and commitment!  And if you arrest a person on this basis and it is found out to be a fraudulent act of hatred it means you are liable and should (will) be charged with felony imprisonment of a human being!

Over 2000 words of self condemning incoherent gibberish!  I know very well that the articles I write that are more on the edge and therefore could be interpreted against me are read quite a bit more than the plain old oatmeal articles.  Is this enough for a friendly knock at his door say’s one Shylock lawyer to a Helga Judge.  My message to you, be very wary of the concept of felony wrongful imprisonment!  Whereby it is a felony to wrongfully imprison someone or have them imprisoned!  Sounds like a 3 or more for 1 deal?

And what of the title to the article She Wouldn't Remember?  It does indeed con notate sympathy and human empathy for someone born and raised this way!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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