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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I’ve Been Vindicated on Great Britain 10 29 2013

I’ve Been Vindicated on Great Britain 10 29 2013

I have been warning my readers about Great Britain for quite some time!  And most of you probably thought I was an Irish person that for some reason dug into my roots and out of a new found pride formed a Don Quixote vendetta against Great Britain.
I will tell you how I have been vindicated before I tell you what I was already telling you all along! But see if the news item of today fits in with any of what I have been warning you against.
From an article titled “U.S. computer systems hacked” written by Jonathon Stempel of Rueters.  It was published today on 10 29 2013
“Lauri Love,” an Englishman “and three co-conspirators allegedly infiltrated thousands of systems including those of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. space agency NASA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a U.S. grand jury indictment made public Monday.” 
Okay a group of people do not undertake something like this unless they have military backing or power behind them.  Now do you see how just what was revealed above ties in with the motivation below.

That is not what I am.  I just pointed out that Great Britain hated the Freedom America represented.  That they aided the Confederate slave owning south in the Civil War.  That they created the largest ever environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and walked away while it was leaking.  That a British bank was laundering drug money into the United States from Mexico.  That England’s predecessors were druids who would tie a person to a tree in the forest and stab them in the heart to divine their “gods” and the future from them.  That paid professional sports in the United States did not occur until Wimple ton started the precedent!  That our Corporate business structure is akin to a legacy monarchy!  That a potato famine fungus did not originate in Ireland but in England and that fungus likely caused Candida based mental illness in the Irish that came to America.  That the English took property away from the Irish and evicted them during the potato famine.  That the English took the good potatoes away from Ireland for their own food at the time.  That it was under English rule in Northern Ireland that Ireland had its first brewery!  That Ireland had the first vernacular literate in Western Europe meaning dialog written in how the common man speaks.  They also had books that transitioned religion from the Bible with other moral principles woven into it, and the English burnt all those books because it shamed them in satire.

I also told you that our current dictionary is Governed by England and that some words that could be actual words are purposefully left out or not recognized.  And that they bear great significance as to the Satanic minded.

I also told you that the man that killed Kennedy had defected and worked for another Communist Country in the high tech space industry before he came back.
I also told you that Nikolas Tesla a Serbian American Socialite inventor marketed a Death Ray particle beam weapon in England first but was told to make connections in the United States and that this occurred before WWII.
I told you that the Lutheran religion, a Protestant religion, was an invalid religion because it did not matter what a person did in that religion as long as at the time of their death they asked to be saved.  That puts the argument for not coming back every week on Sunday, to the day of your death doesn’t it?  It really promotes that you can sin until the day that you die.
I told you that the King of England’s religion was to put people that he did not like in a dungeon and raise his children by allowing them to torment the dying prisoner and that that was the same gestalt of the Jewish Essene religion raising their children by an evil master juxtaposed against an exiled (read imprisoned) priest!
I told you that our national banking system had been negligently controlled and that top management of United States Corporations are often from recent Great Britain nationality.
I told you that Paul McCartney is a propagandized marijuana use.  Known to cause developmentally disabled hippo campus.
I told you that a rumor was told to Adolf Hitler that wealthy English bankers were known to sacrifice babies.
I told you that historians have equated the Customers Man (a term used for an English stock broker) as being a Vampyr type of satanic person, and I agree with that based on personal experience working in the industry.
I told you that Winston Churchill was a member of the Druid Society known to worship monkeys.
I told you that members of the Saudi Royal Family went to college in Great Britain.
I told you that Ivy League universities in the United States have been known to haze human being freshmen to death in order to steal their skill sets.
I told you that the Irish had Kings, meaning legitimate Royalty, long before Great Britain did!
That until very recently in world history England controlled India and inferred control of Communist China through Hong Kong.  That the United States has faced a great threat from crooked Chinese business tactics.  That the United States currency should never have been converted into that of foreign countries that did not have our standard of human rights!  That the United States got into two wars with Great Britain already both the Revolutionary War and the Civil war as stated above. I told you that very recently on television Piers Morgan called our Constitution rubbish!
And indeed I told you what the nature of the satanic mind is in comparison to that of a human being.  I even explained to you the biological basis for the Satanic mind being a defective hippocampus causing a human being to be unable to form ones learning or memories from thinking from their own memories and thinking.  I might have even said that might be the basis for the concept of the Trinity.  Whereby the English view an Irishmen in resentment as being three times better than them?

I told you that the kids who were drug dealers in Catholic School and High School had pure English Surnames and I believed them to be connected in some way to pharmacy industry.

I also told you that some White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) raise their children by creating a WASP nest of the mind of a human being.  I also told you at some point that I believed Nixon, Johnson, Truman, and Roosevelt to have a satanic Agenda.  I am just finding out from my research into the Eugenics movement today how that is true! (To be published in the days to come.)

I have also told you how I believed the term Yankee really came about from Americans being sexually molested in the form of being Yanked by the British before the Revolutionary War.

I told you how I believed the English are trying to erase the Historical significance of the Tea Party by forming their new Tea Party in the United States.

I told you how Protestants hated the Irish Americans and the Irish Americans referred to them derogatorily  as Know Nothings; and that the German Protestants embraced the term and formed a short lived secret society and political party that went by that name.

I also told you how I believed Luddite really mean Lead-ite! As in you drank lead wine and are unable to understand technology!   I also told you how Great Britain ruled India through deceit and corruption; by the creation of traitors!

I have also stated that Ronald Reagan acted more like a Northern Irishmen and therefore Englishmen that a Southern one.

I even told you that the Catholic Churches in Ireland are empty because of the sexual molestations there.  And from what I hear those wealthy middle eastern oil money people who were educated in England are not moving to Ireland! I initially believed that to be Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Faith by Protestants,but that it isn't it is consistent with sacrifice in the name of the Roman Empire and that the Roman Empire did indeed extend to England, it got its name from them! England meaning the Angled Land that they had to trudge. I even stated I believe the Druids impaler's and the Satanic lead wine crucifiers got along very well, and that it created pockets of satanic wealth families throughout Europe.  Some of them were German immigrants to the United States. I also told you about the Dutch East Indies Corp being a German corp in control of the New York Stock Exchange and that they looted the United States and sent us into a great depression. I even told you that Bernie Madoff was an Anglicized surname and he was Jewish and tried to take his stolen billions to China. 
I told you a lot more than that and I have a great more to tell you.
Ireland was one country that had its freedoms crossed out.  Israel, the original Israel where my family crest can date its origins from also faced a great horror with regard to freedom.  And the first Americans fled Great Britain because of the horror it was.  Thomas Jefferson likened it to the Jews fleeing from Egypt.  And the United States today is in that same peril!

I told you how I believed Skull and Bones society really originated from English paddling over to Ireland in boats called Skulls with oars called bones?  But that they really went over their to take slaves for druid Sacrifice.  I told you that George Bush was a member of Skull and Bones.  I did not tell you that he appointed Diane Sykes (Schwermer) to the Supreme Court in Wisconsin and that last night at Elite Fitness she gave me what I consider a provocative look!  Nor that their was a punk there that walked up to me three times from out of nowhere real fast as if trying to instigate trouble.

On a positive note:
And I will also tell you that I loved to watch those BBC comedies and also love the way even the lowliest English woman sent to finishing school speaks!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 29 2013 at:

You think that Snowden reveals secrets?  Back in about the year 2000 I had my wireless router network that had a password 256 characters long broken into.  I could go into details that the computer lab of the Whitefish Bay High School is about 5O yards away from my house.  I could tell you how a Com sci teacher there modified a game and tried to resell it but the FBI came to the school in about 1983 and he got in trouble.  I could tell you that one of those computer geeks went on to become arrested by the FBI for having hard drives full of horrific child porn and that he was on the track team with another one that worked at the same place and that they were both friends of a classmate neighbor of mine.  I could again tell you that schizophrenia is a medical fraud and I have seen the high tech device that is used to create it and that I painted a picture of it called the Cornucopia!  I will tell you that Eugenics and Psychiatry were part of the New Deal movement by FDR to adjust individuals so that a great many would benefit from them being medicated.  I will also tell you that my father did not drink!  I will also tell you that pharmacies in the United States got their start after a German pharmacy Merck.  And that pharmaceutical companies make their highest profit margins off of anti-psychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia and that they all have the same thing in common; the inhibit higher brain function that is based on a healthy and well developed hippo campus.  I will tell you that a Catholic priest once told me that the Irish can sense what is called the descending of the Holy Spirit upon them!  I will tell you that the Puritans believed that human beings could be demonically possessed by people called witches and they hung them.  And I will also tell you that there is a great difference between a person who has a healthy hippo campus and one that has a blank slate Satanic mind like Procula in the Bible.  Why did she make the judgment that Jesus Christ should be crucified?  Because she said he gave her a terrible dream.

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