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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leveling Mechanisms of the Beast (Principles in new World Order psychology to guard against)

Leveling Mechanisms of the Beast (Principles in new World Order psychology to guard against)
1.       Scalping
2.       Cutting out of tongue. (Modern Orientals cutting of fingers too. Willfully and actively causing physical disability and brain metabolism disability.)
3.       Castration and unic- cision.
4.       Cannibalism
5.       False doctoring
6.       Psychiatry
7.       Selective genocide of human beings, defined as having reason and conscience
8.       Causing criminalization
9.       Sexual molestation
10.   A thievery of others children
11.   And then acting as if he/she was their victim- a human being.
12.   Denial of others achievements and knowledge
13.   Adornment with human flesh
14.   Sexual cannibalization
15.   Poisoning
16.   Destruction of the self esteem of human beings from acquired from their achievements, competency and human nature.
17.   Lying about poisons being sold into foods, prescribed items and our environment. (New phrase you will like, “SOLD INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT”)
18.    Unrecognition of common knowledge.  (Not a word but it should be is a prime example.)
19.    Believing they are someone else until that person needs to become their property. Motivation for slavery.
20.    Falsely awarded the lesser talented with top prizes and first place
21.   Delusion of creating and being moral certitude (I wrote about false righteous before)
22.   Falsely rewarding itself through the use of escapism substances (Flip side: and also providing and selling them to others to level them down.  In other words after it knows it cannot escape reality it tries to ruin human beings by causing them to “escape” from their own knowledge and skills.)
23.   Self delusion that they make a good friend to a human being.
24.   Sexual mutilation and sexually traumatizing human children and the viewing of it. 
25.   Inability to express voice as an adult would sound- baby talk!  Part of the I will always have more money and therefore be secure with whatever I do antagonism.  To be fair that voice might be locked at an early age when he/she was first abused in the home and became introverted?  But more likely that child participated in a ritual murder at an early age and that is why its voice is stuck there- that is all it needed to learn its whole life- we can kill human beings at will!  Therefore no need to learn and mature?
26.   Promoting anticompetitive/unsportsmanship in professional careers as a standard of success!  There ought to be a better word for unsportsmanship in careers, business and adult life.  In other words those raised to be good human beings, believing in the United States Constitution, don’t have a chance against someone raised to be a beast?
27.   Propagandizing “Kuru” humor through the false applause generation system.
28.   Delusion that being a parent means grafting a human soul!  That belief forms from hatred and aversion of children born in human likeness.  The grafting process also creating gays and lesbians.
29.   Surveillance of human beings.  An admission that you are less than the standard.
30.   Behavioral interaction with mature adults amounting to:  “A seesaw of personal insults and immature emotional responses.”
Motivation for many of these acts is the inability to develop human reason and conscience.  Which leads to the victimization of those that did.  Likely cause an impaired or genetically defective hippocampus.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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