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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Keep them coming back principle 10 17 2013

The Keep them coming back principle 10 17 2013

I was searching for a health care product today.  On the ingredients I read some type of compound that we know after you are done using it- it creates a rebound effect that makes the condition worse.  Immediately I thought, "That is the keep them coming back principle." Then I thought, "What are other keep them coming back principles?"

And it came to me immediately, "Propagandizing and promoting alcohol at church!"  The more problems they can create in the public the more people they have coming back to church.  I think of this as I remember the climax of Catholic Mass is when the Priest holds the sparkling Golden Chalice of wine high above his head and tells us it is the blood of Christ.  Along with "Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world have mercy on us!"  Know why does anyone have to have mercy on me if I did nothing wrong?  Those are the words of someone that sacrificed people, human beings, isn't it!

And over 2000 years what do we know about alcohol?  It causes more problems than you could ever imagine.

1. Cancer
2. Liver damage
3. Diabetes
4. Fetal alcohol syndrome
5. Mental retardation
6. Loss of potential brain function by teen drinkers
7. Alzheimer's.
8.  Violence
9. Negligent use of powered devices: like cars and tools, etc.
10. Poor decision making at all levels
11.  The promotion of careers that do not require intelligence.
12. Early death.
13. Prostate cancer
14. Breast and ovarian cancer.
15. Lung Cancer
16.  Workplace accidents
17. Lost productivity

Those four 4-7 conditions above have damage to the hippocampus area of the brain involved.  Oxygen deprivation rapidly causes damage to the hippocampus at any age.  Alcohol creates what people say is euphoria because it is indeed depriving the brain of oxygen.  In other words a person is allowed to be blissfully happy with regard to their own stupidity!

So if the father at the mass is the only one that had the normal hippocampus function it would be in his best interest to screw up everyone else?  How a bad King or bad shepherd might seek to control a community?

That list is all things that keep you coming back to both the church, the hospital and the funeral parlor.

Do you know what a primary principle of Nazi Germany was that was revealed in the War Crimes trial?  To do everything in their power to create a country of 80 million dependent minded.  They also admitted to using radio like technology.

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