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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Easter Basket Thief 10 22 2013

The Easter Basket Thief 10 22 2013

On one of those Americans Funny Home Video shows a little girl crouched down and stole Easter eggs out of the basket of another little girl who was picking her own and looking the other way as she concentrated on developing the gathering of her own basket.

Soul Dynamics:

So we have gays and lesbians that have a human soul that is the exact opposite of their physical body.  A transgendered soul.  And nobody knows why they are that way.  And they might indeed have a secret they don't want the rest of us to know aside from the fact they are gay.  They are being granted an increasing number of rights by our black President.

On the other hand we have men and women that have some sort of intrusion to their souls that no one seems to be able to understand either.  In effect their souls are tormented until one of two things usually happens.

1. They are forced to give up thinking for themselves and become a victim of a voodoo religion of zombification through psychiatry.

2.  They know their lives are over because it is insufferable to them.  And hence they follow the lyrics from the Bob Segear or Stepenwolf song, "Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space."  And to be very fair to them it is their human soul and that is definitely an intrusion to their human soul and not in their own heads.  It is medical fraud to say that it is.  It is like saying look at that black man who was burried alive and now walks the earth brain dead, 

"Why did he bury himself alive?  He didn't there was an evil external force of bad people that did that to him!  He looks so pale.  He has gained weight since he was dug up too hasn't he.  He doesn't talk normal and isn't able to express himself very well."

"He was always that way,"  the mother of the little girl missing eggs from her basket or the mother of the Easter basket thief replies?

3.  The other option is to just live like you are a saint.  And that might even mean you become homeless.

That is the reality of this mental illness.

With regard to the gays and lesbians having a human soul dicotomy, they are also very happy people in contrast to the girl who finds out her Easter Basket has been emptied?  She cannot figure out what happened to them and it leads to a loss of self esteem.

Am I the only one that can put two and two together and say those transgendered souls are taken from those that are diagnosed with schizophrenia?  And that it is not just gays and lesbians that partake in the deprivation of the human soul from the human being?

You would think religion has had something to say on the issue as in the Bible?  And indeed it has.  Indeed it has!

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