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Friday, October 18, 2013

Involuntary Commitment of the Mentally Retarded, Autistic and Physically Disabled 10 18 2013

Involuntary Commitment of the Mentally Retarded, Autistic and Physically Disabled 10 18 2013

What am I getting at?  It is a known fact that many of those diagnosed schizophrenic, in what is a medical fraud, have Intelligence Quotients that are far higher than average!  There is no better gauge of how an adult can take care of herself/himself and their families than intelligence!  Intelligent people are not a danger to themselves and others because if they were they would not have become that intelligent?

So if indeed the grounds for involuntarily committing a person is that they can no longer take care of themselves then a ordered hierarchy principle of society would indoctrinate that first the mentally retarded, autistic and physically disabled are committed!  Then you might even find that those labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud are no longer ill!!!!  Also when you commit the above three you have freed up three adults who were taking care of them to lead more productive lives!

I can make a very strong argument that all mentally retarded and autistic should have indeed been committed a long time ago so that what caused it could be studied and the instance prevented or totally eliminated.  But that is not the way dark human nature works in our world today, if you put in laws like that you would have bad people subjectively committing people.  But that is exactly what is happening today.  It is like Olympic Skater Tanya Harding's boyfriend beating Olympic Skater Nancy Kerrigans leg with a pipe so that she has to go to the hospital and can no longer compete!  And that same non competitive beast is everywhere in our society!

And after that if you want to follow the intelligence theory of committing people then the next ones to be committed are the blue collar workers with low IQ's!

So we know that many schizophrenics do indeed have above average IQ's.  Does that have anything to do with the Central Intelligence Agency or the National Security Agency?  Both are in intelligence gathering operations!  What has whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed to the public?  That every action and word of some American Citizens are indeed being monitored and recorded!  Isn't that exactly what every labeled schizophrenic says is happening to them?  A former NSA official, Edward Snowden, has just admitted it is true!  So they have just admitted that they have the technology to monitor your every action and word.  What does that mean?  It means that they can also screw you up!  They can temporarily or permanently screw you up and then say that you can no longer take care of yourself or are a danger.  Have you ever seen how mad a bull gets when before he is released into a rodeo his penis is tied to the belly of his body and a clown takes an electric cattle prod to his back?  Congratulations you have just solved the mystery into what causes violent shootings all over the United States.  It can be said to be a national occult h311 bent on protecting the identity of the dependent minded who were born to alcoholics or alcohol users.  Alcohol being the prime poison to use to disable a persons ability to process memories from his/her own mind and think about them.  It is the part of the brain that forms the basis of learning and therefore the human soul, which can be said to have the qualities of human conscience and human reason.  So you want to know where $16.9 trillion of our national debt has been wasted?  You just did!  We have been spoon feeding those who cannot think based on their own personal memories.  And you could then have them committed to under the same grounds.  After all those who incite violence are far worse than those who are victims of that violence and also those, like the bull above, who are incited to commit violence!  It follows the same principle that organized crime always believes it can get away with in what we are led to believe is anonymously paying hit men to kill people.  The big line criminal believes it did not commit the murder it only paid to have it done.  The law states he is just as guilty as if he committed the murder.  Is there a way to prove who has a criminal mind in our society and flag them in some way so that if evidence is found regarding their participation in a crime that they too can be committed?  Yes there is!  And that is indeed the direction the country and world should head in.  There are a lot of professional positions in our society that some people have never belonged in!  And we do indeed have owe a duty to the future of our country and the world to see they are removed from those positions!

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