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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heroin Overdose United States 10 24 2013

Heroin Overdose United States 10 24 2013

A newspaper article I read about a Politicians daughter getting hooked on Heroin got me thinking again.  (Rocco said that I shouldn't do that.)

How much heroin is produced by pharmaceutical companies and sold in the United States by those companies?  In business terms how big is the pharmaceutical market for heroin in the United States?  And when we figure out how much that is, commercially sold, are we going to compare it to addiction and death rates from heroin use and say it is too much?

Do the pharmaceutical companies buy it (or the raw ingredient for it) from the same place that street drug dealers get it?  If so a cross linked network may have been created!

If such a (illegible word substitute "situation") exists is it grounds to shut down and prosecute member of every pharmacy in the United States?

Sometimes Doctors give free samples of drugs.
What of the doctor that gives free heroin samples and assures his clients its safe?  And if you hear stories in the news with regard to violent conflicts concerning such doctors what belief will you have?

And what of a pharmacist that maintains a home suppler of medicinal packaged heroin?

With this level of criminal infestation no legitimate intellectual would feign ignorance as to televised acts of violence.

And I can understand why a U.S. Citizen would not want a drug dealer living in their neighborhood!

What if Doctors give free samples of drugs to drug dealers?  And the user often also becomes the dealer too!

It is an abuse that cannot be adequately regulated!  So it and those who practice it  should be banned!  That is the nature of abuses that cannot be adequately regulated to ensure the health and safety of United States Citizens.  And look at what happens when people like that are allowed to work?  That is what they do!  So maybe they should be banned from working in the United States!  We will still feed you (food stamps) and attempt to give you a warm place to stay in the winter?

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