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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hypothetical Scenario regarding Professional Athletes 10 27 2013

Hypothetical Scenario regarding Professional Athletes 10 27 2013

So for whatever reason, a national energy shortage, famine etc. happens and as predicted by Jesus Christ we all end up beating our swords into plowshares and tilling the fields to grow food.  Everyone has to pitch because the situation is so bad.  The question then becomes.

"Would you want a professional athlete prone to violence, has a criminal record, likes "grandstanding acts of aggression", made his professional athlete salary from the proceeds from beer sales, has a drug habit, said to prefer ..., working with you in that farm field near you?"

If you are like me this might be your response in common conversation,

"5417 no!  You would be better off knocking them over the head before the day even started!"

And have you ever been the low man on the totem pole in a Corporation and thought of how much better the company would be if just that happened?  And of course you do know how to separate fantasy from reality~  and know the difference between action and consequence?  Or maybe you don't?  Maybe you are like the above professional, in the question above, that didn't have to learn the meaning of consequence?

I suppose the proper thing to politely say in the above hypothetical to the professional in the question above would be, "Thanks for getting me here."

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