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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Better Gas Mileage 10 22 2013 Update # 2

Better Gas Mileage 10 22 2013

I added a grounding strap to both our cars because when i got out of them after a long trip I was sore.  A grounding strap dissipates static electricity from the car.  I can tell you that I am no longer sore after I get out of the car after a long trip.  And neither is the passenger who is with me.

The grounding strap is made just for that purpose.  And it is made out of some type of rubber.  It has a metal connection to the frame that is used to put it on.  I know what you are going to say, the tires are rubber too so you don't need that.  Well they are rubber but I would argue:
1. That they floating on a grease bearing somewhere in there whereby the dissipation of static electricity is not accomplished like it is through a grounding strap.
2. That not having a grounding strap means that you are dissipating static electricity through the drive train if you are dissipating it at all.
3.  That wheels do not dissipate static electricity as far back as it occurs behind the wheels on the back of the frame of the car behind them.
4.  That metal fatigue occurs when static electricity does not have a proper or discrete place to dissipate.
5. That a charge of static electricity not only causes one to have aches and pains but also interferes with the electrical system of your car.  In effect it has to work against whatever that static electricity charge is; that principle is called interference and it also leads to faster failure of electrical components in your car and less spark and voltage in my humble point of view.
6.  If you have a life of chaos and put one of these on your car it will also dissipate that charge from you, you will have a relaxed trip in the car.

And here is the kicker; that car gets 6 mpg better gas mileage since I put it on there.  That is about a 25% or more increase in gas mileage!  If your investment adviser could actually earn you money like that you would never hear from him because he would be the type that was so rich he didn't need to sell you empty investments. Now I don't know the legality of it.  But you do see them on gas tanker trucks to dissipate the electricity so that during fuel transfer there is not a spark that blows them up.  But I have to say they should be standard equipment on every single car!  And I believe that reason number 6 is why they are not standard equipment.  It is the old principle of the dependent minded of the Church of England telling Columbus or whoever that the world is flat and not to argue about it!  They don't want you to leave them!

So that bunch of hooey about the energy crisis is just that.  I believe it could be greatly lessened if every car had a grounding strap on it.

That car gets a lot better gas mileage since I put that grounding strap on it!  A lot better.  Sure their will be money statistics that will come about and try and disprove me; but I already know it is true!

Here is where I bought mine!

And you might see a barely literate news caster come on television and find a way to pooh pooh the idea, don't believe there is a valid reason for the pooh pooh!  (Motivation might have something to do with the term RAPTURE from the bible. For some reason another one of those concepts that was found never deserving of scientific study.


Off topic but about how cars should be made.

Cars should be made so that the parking gear of the transmission is so strong that the car does not budge when you torque the wheel lug nuts down to 100 to 110 foot pounds as are the specs on my two cars.  I know what you are going to say.  That you should always block the wheels so you don't move the car when you are torquing them down that much.  But let me ask you this.  If it was that important why isn't there a wheel chock included in with the spare of the car?  A car does indeed rock on that parking gear when you torque those wheels down.  And that has to be done when the spare tire is put on.  I don't know the internals of the parking gear nor how it works but I have to believe it causes undue wear on the transmission. The reason being is that it is an integral part to a enclosed gear structure that has many seals.   And tires should indeed be rotated every 7ooo miles per one manual so it is something that needs to be done that often.   I believe that parking gear out to be made rock solid!  It would also lead to much safer road side changing of tires.  Those jacks are kind of flimsy and often the side of the road can be said to be uneven; hence an unbalanced place where a spare is needed to be changed on.

What has always bothered me about the slack in the parking gear is when you park the car and a person, who has had knee surgery (and that is quite a few overweight Americans), gets out before you have taken your foot of the brake and the car has settled... it puts a strain on that joint as the foot is firmly on the ground and the car is rocking back that ever so slight about because the parking gear does not fix rock solid right away!  

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