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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chinese Investment In Wisconsin is Booming 10 20 2013

Chinese Investment In Wisconsin is Booming 10 20 2013

I don't like it!  They only freed their people or brought measures of freedom to their people because some in the United States pressured them to do so.  That tells us if left to their own devices after they have gained a business monopoly over the world- that the whole world will be enslaved!

What happens is that we, the United States, degrade to their standards with regard to the environment and plague follows!

My elderly father went into a great health decline after I took him to eat at a Chinese Restaurant!  I told the man that I did not want MSG in our food and he leered at me.  I had know way of knowing whether he put it in or not or even if an extra amount was put in it!  There is not faster way to off an honest hard working retired American man than this!  I want them to leave!

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