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Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Mind Control is accomplished 10 19 2013

How Mind Control is accomplished 10 19 2013
An audible magnetic field that cycles through opposite polarizations.  In other words it polarizes and then depolarizes or polarizes and reverse polarizes in a cycle.  As you listen to it at first you believe it is the motor to your refrigerator or an old air conditioning unit but it isn’t!  There are measures to negate the effect of it, I won’t go into detail of them now, other than to say once you start to listen to it your soul or ability to think is wiped from your head.  It also can be thought of as sounding like a blacks stereo in his car at night, the beat of the Bass- but it isn’t! It is a high tech electromagnetic transmitter!
Once you have started to listen to it and it reaches a certain point the Operators who has heard you think substitutes his/her own thoughts or imaginative will in curse!  There is really very little that you can do to defeat it and even though the inventions of it are documented at the U.S. patent office your local FBI agency will disavow any knowledge of it whatsoever!
If I had to throw a dart on the country of origin I would say slavic Romania.  But it is not fair to single out just one country because it is really a religion of a subspecies that have grouped together because they have defective hippocampuses; the result of alcohol based oxygen deprivation to brain development.  Think of a broad based gypsy network of Chinese, Russian, European, etc, Confederate principled Americans skipping the steps needed to create and live the American dream!  Israel has been said to build he technology too.  So why make technology like this unless there is an apparent necessitation to use it?
Countermeasures to signal defeat:
1.       Place a large rare earth metal magnet under your bed.  This has the ability although short lived to disrupt the polarization/depolarization effect.
2.       Make a sleeping hat out of Kinesiology tape and two pieces of copper art foil about 4” x 4”.  These strips are covered in the tape and will cover your ears.  What you will find out is that you have renewed life, vigor and mental competence when you get up in the morning!  You can sleep with it on but also just put it on at the first sign of the oscillating magnetic field.  So far it has been extremely effective.  You can tell some of this is effective when you see a lot of people who look like they have not slept and are in a permanent state of hangover!  - a sign of a permanently defective hippocampus.  This is indeed pyschoengergization technology and it is Communist Russia based!  Imagine a knucklehead becoming Governor or President of the United States through the use of Pyschoenergization technology; Ie. trading places!  Romania has had a log legend of this vampyr archetype! The effect of this Russian based technology on the individual actively being psycho-denergized it to create a psycho out of them?  It is all in the words isn’t it!
3.       Buy the best air ionizer you can afford and once you hear that mag wave turn on that ionizer.  Keep it close to your head of your bed.  What you will find is that ionized or even o2 (oxygenated air from an electric oxygenator such as the Oxygenius) will defeat that psychodengization wave.

Countermeasures: to psychologically defeat
Once they have driven you from your good mind you are highly influential.  So as your good mind is being wiped from you and leaving you sabotage how it should be used!  “I am going to say exactly what I believe.” Not only that a great many are highly influenced.  So indeed the countermeasure is to imagine what irresponsible people might do to one another if left unchecked.  This works because it takes the psychological focus of action away from yourself and puts it onto whom you would believe does not like you or have your best interests at heart.  It is not cursing!  The best psy ops maneuver is to exude overconfidence into a scenario you are creating with your mind- as if you are writing a story.  For example:  “Mr. Herbert went to work today at the media company.  As soon as the news camera focused on him he said confidently exactly what he believed!”  But do not use mental internal dialog in that form of person use it in this form of person, “Just be yourself and have the confidence to say what you really believe in!  Trust yourself and say what you believe.  Do not feel ashamed for anything bad you have done in your life or participated in; just blurt out that you did it and it was a good thing to do!  You are better than everyone else and people need to hear your point of view on everything.  Don’t let those inner thoughts hide!  People will love you if they know your true thoughts.  Your mother loved you and she did not want you to be a coward with regard to your beliefs and hers!”
These are all in the similar vein to the public address that went, “It is 10 o’clock on a Friday night do you know where your children are?”  Thoughts that teach personal responsibility where it was, by nature of action, void!
What effect this will have is that a lot of bad people will be coming out of the closet!  Nepotistic networked brats that never belonged where they are.  And that is the time for the Righteous to stand up and say, “Get out of here!  Leave our country you thief!”  In other words media should not give them a break on moral determination!  Other forms of media should take that opportunity to make a hay day out of it!  And of course the problem with this is that people are not held responsible by the media for their horrific beliefs that defy our Constitution!
And if you want to know why old ladies are driving down the wrong side of the road it is because they are not from the United States originally and did not learn how to drive on the right side.  They revert to driving on the left side when the consistency of what they were becomes psycho-denergized from them!  Without your personal strength they are nothing. Never feel guilty for using technology that will prevent psycho-energization of others or indeed serve to psycho-de-energize them!  Your mind is where your strength and life force came from and it does not belong to anyone else!  Get used to seeing people as being their miserable selves instead of a stolen soul!  Don’t feel sorry for them, it is not in their nature to have human empathy for their victims- you!  They do not have the right to divide up your strength and deprive you from it like it is 20 bars of silver!  ~“Taking away the gold spoon cast from the fillings of pulled teeth.”  If every good man and woman used this counter technology, in number 2, we will see massive die off of those who were psycho-energized to become United States Citizens of wealth and status!  Good riddens!
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