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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Thought # 2

Sunday Morning  Thought # 2
Are the autistic really children of the satanic?  I have to ask this question as I have seen with my own two eye’s parents of the autistic and mentally retarded giving their autistic children wine and beer!  I have seen it happen!  We need to cut off the U.S. Tap to the both of them!
Any American, working for management of a Corporation that would have goods produced with foreign slave labor is not us and never was us!  And that is both an admonishment and an apology for the weak minded that can’t seem to understand the meaning of righteousness.  (I think of the young Republican Candidate from Florida that was GIVEN the pulpit in the last election.)
Importation of goods from India is increasing and what do we find out?  They are enslaving men to manufacture goods!
There is no greater proof of the existence of Satan in the world than the existence of slavery!  And to abolish slavery in all forms does indeed abolish Satan and or at least expose him for his incompetence at being what a human being should be!
All slave masters should bear the mark of the beast.  That is a GGG on the forehead for Golem, Golem, Golem.  As in Going, Going, Going Gone!  The Gone happened when the rabbi removed the mark and skin with a knife!  It means you could no longer be trusted to live amongst human beings!
The mark of the beast is indeed a concept first introduced by Jewish Rabbis!  Indeed Jesus Christ and his decuples gave the mark of the beast to the son of a wealthy Jewish family.  Apparently the son did not have the ability to listen and learn because of the symbolism of removing his ear.  That is indeed a sign of mental retardation resulting from those wine presses of Judah moving into the nation of Israel at that time!  It appears that Judah called in Rome to help too!
Somewhere in the history of the world the Jewish Priests, (A Jewish Priest is the same thing as a Rabbi),….Somewhere in history the Jewish Priests lost the argument of giving someone the mark of the beast!
Wait a minute!  That shift had to have happened after a Rabbi got crucified!  Who was that Jewish Rabbi?  It was Jesus Christ!  When I think of Jesus Christ I think of him as being a great teacher at his wits end!
Jesus made some comment with regard to the effect that you are a slave to those whom you work for!  The moral being that you have to like someone so much that you would just want to work for them because you like being with them!
Can you imagine working for Jesus?  He wouldn’t tell you to climb out on a broken limb he would not put you in harm’s way in that way!  But there would be those that would hate you just because you were good!  Envy of the good!  It can really boil down that people hate you because you are what is a Normal Human Being!  An NHB makes a nice acronym.  How many crimes of violence are committed out of ENY for the good!
If a person is under the recent influence of alcohol and makes a bad decision that leads to physical or mental disability to people working for them, I say, “NEVER AGAIN!”
Israel likely faced more lead wine retarded Romans than they could ever mark!  They were overwhelmed!  An analogy, to me…and that is what is called a qualifier, would be teachers of autistic children that were in the news who could not take it anymore and just walked off the job at the start of the teaching year!  When a normal and good human being is driven to their wits end it is a sign of missing conviction?  (Some qualifier needed there too.)
Another great shift in history has also taken place.  It happened when Satanic became teachers and gained control of your normal children.  They were sexually marked or stigmatized just like the crucifixion.  But in this case it is not the normal human being becoming overwhelmed it is the archetype of the lead wine alcohol drinking retard who was hired as a teacher.  And a Roman Catholic Priest the residing authority over a Catholic School is just that!  So we have the May West’s of men, of the world feinting frustration and sexually molesting normal children as a matter of satanic remedy.  That should indeed be your knew Stations of the Cross in churches.  And they are not going to be able to say these children were sexually molested in order to forgive all our sins like they say Jesus Christ was crucified in order to forgive us all our sins!  It is a little bit of satanic wit isn’t it or what I call Koru humor?  We will kill that person (the good Jew Jesus Christ at his wit’s end) who is telling us what not to do and then say in humor among ourselves, he died in forgiveness of all our sins!  That is how I have always understood the concept even when I was a boy.  And they want to say I am mentally ill for having that lifetime belief!
This writing jumps around a bit but it is all thematic and will leave you with a gestalt of that theme!
So it makes you wonder if the Roman Invasion was not caused by a lead wine retarded Roman coming home from Israel bearing the mark of the beast on his forehead?  What are the odds of someone like Michael Tyson going to a land of a people of good nature who will not tolerate rape and violence or the instance of that in their community coming home with a GGG on his forehead?  What are the odds of Rich Russian United states citizens raping an American woman throwing her husband overboard being sent back to Russia with the mark of the beast on their forehead GGG?
Transitional fast forward 2000 years, a fraternity of Jewish boys, studying to be doctors and lawyers, gang rape a woman and are given the mark of the beast and expelled?  Now throttle down the idea.  A group of Ivy League students haze a black freshman to death and re expelled from the University and given the mark of the beast.  Now apply it to college sports.  For some occult magic reason a college coach sexually molests a boy and the college coach is given the mark of the beast, GGG, on the forehead and fired!  Why don’t you tell us why you did that to the boy?  Is there anyone that has lended (I know it should be lent) insight to this in terms of human reason?  Is there any field taught in college that has lended insight to this by applying the principle of what it means to have reason and a human conscience?
So apparently our National University system lacks the character traits of human conscience and reason to lend insight to that?  It never occurred to them?  What would happen if we gave them the mark of the beast and sent them home?
I am in my own little world and I like it here!  I like my thoughts and ideas.  Some might say that I should be arrested and medicated until death for them.  “Hear yeah! Hear yeah!  Hear yeah!  Thomas Paul Murphy is to be captured and medicated until death…  Prepare a speech admonishing him, for the black girl to read on the news tonight.”
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