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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A law firm as the center of organized crime 10 23 2013

A law firm as the center of organized crime?
How much better would the U.S. be if lawyers were not allowed to form groups (partnerships) or communicate with one another?  If they were put under house arrest?
Satanic are victims of earlier generations of satanic in that they are prevented from developing their own human soul.  That must be the saddest thing ever- to be driven from the ability to have your own independent human mind!  But they do indeed have their own minds because that is what leads them to crime and criminal activity.  In effect they are reactive to the good mind.  They still have their own minds but they are forced to be criminal minded.
Traumatized by a criminal nature so that they are dependent to the criminal network!
If you break the spirit of our Constitution enough then you are likely to cause a civil war.  Why?  Because Americans stand for the Constitution and they know when their human rights have been violated.
The Constitution has not been broken at once it has been defeated little by little by what can be called false syllogism legal interpretations.  In other words the Spirit of the Constitution applies accurately to subject A1 so it therefore must also apply to B2.  It isn’t a true comparison to make law based on that way.  Instead it is more complex in terms of the application of human reason!  It applies to A1 in this way for this reason but not in the same way or extension of logic to B2 would be how it can be restored.  We don’t have a lot of Contraindications to what the spirit of the Constitution really does not mean.  Why not?  Because that requires the ability to form higher level thinking and reasoning based on a healthy hippocampus brain function; it is lacking in the legal profession today.  It also requires a human conscience to correctly interpret the United States Constitution.  Anyone who has ever been to law school or rubbed elbows with lawyers knows that they don’t have it and those who did were weeded out of law school or pursuing the legal profession.  Full disclosure: My father went to Marquette Law School and I passed the CPA exam the first time I took it and it was ¼ business law at that time.  A law professor once hinted to the class that if you can pass the Law of the CPA exam you can also likely pass the bar exam.
So you interpret the Constitution to be diametrically opposed to what it really means and the intention of those who wrote it…are you likely to cause a civil war?  Not if you have populated the country with the criminal minded already!  Then the result becomes instances of domestic terrorism whereby human beings can’t stand the instance of English Protestant children and adults intruding into their minds?  That is why the United States was formed in the first place; to get away from all that.
The odd thing about the Satanic is they want to be exactly what they actively prevent themselves from being!
To want to be exactly what you prevent yourself from being???
So what is the point?  Criminal organizations cannot exist without very strong legal representation.  Hence that legal representation facilitates the criminal organization and is a definite party to it.  Criminal Organizations should not be able to represent themselves to the point whereby criminal activity becomes legitimized in any form in our society!  People don’t do bad things on a broad scope and basis unless they already know they will be immune from prosecution from them.  That effectively means legal partnerships are part of Criminal Organization.
And I don’t really know if confining them to their homes would address the issue.
What it all amounts to with regard to their stance on human beings in the United States is this, “If you can’t beat them ruin them!”
Sure you want to say I am a bad person for saying that children are being raised to be evil people in the United States today?  Maybe a man should have stood up and said the same thing with regard to the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany?  Get it?
And I really do like children.  In fact I have strived first and foremost to have a goal to make enough money to support a wife and have children.  There is a great percent in our country that just have children first and then figure out a way to support them.  That was not what being a mature adult human being man meant to me!  One in three of you, know it all the better way, lovers ends up getting divorced.  And what happens is that if an unbalanced child was not already created from the marriage of two half witt’s, then an unbalanced child will likely be created from having only one parent.  The first part of that last sentence implies a weak minded father. Makes a great source of income for the legal profession doesn’t it.  I want to add something about alcohol and the keep them coming back principle but that’s it.

Another coping mechanism of the weak minded or bad concept comes to mind, legally pre-qualifying crimes not to be crimes.
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