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Monday, October 28, 2013

Abortions 10 28 2013 Update # 2

Abortions 10 28 2013

If you really think and know that you are better than some people then you don't mind if they have abortions left and right. ( I am going to add a qualifier here.  If you believe you are better or equal to everyone else than you don't care!)  Can we indeed give pro-life advocates a quiz or test to take to determine what their sense of equality and self esteem is with regard to the general public?  Of course we can! When I was in High School there was a German Italian boy that came to the school from the polish side of town.  He told me that he did not believe all people were created equal.  I understand what his reasoning could have been now.  As I see that many do indeed have strong  verbal ability and yet neither a conscience nor reason.  It comes from alcohols influence upon the hippo campus as well as being raised by those of the same defect or family tradition with regard to the mental defect.

And with that better than concept, who among us does not strive to become better through personal achievement!  That is what the nature of human competition should be.

And if you cannot have children maybe what your life should have been devoted to is destroying the cause of you not being able to have children, in terms of creating laws or regulations to prevent it for a future soul like yourself.  But the pro-lifers never really take that avenue.  Indeed just the opposite happens, with regard to their initiative, as you will see below.

Why, because can see how miserable they are already.  Why put the burden of more just like them on them!

If you know that you can't compete then you are pro-life!  Why because you project your own self pity on those who are in the womb!   I think that pro-lifers really hate themselves and want to increase the incidence of single parent families?  It has just created a whole lot more of misery!  It has created kids that can't be taught!

The law stands that it is a woman's right to have an abortion and it always should be!

At a certain point in a relationship she might realize the man that got her pregnant is absolutely dumb and worthless.  Should she be forced to give birth to a son born out of deceit?  Should she ever be forced to give birth to a child if the man who impregnated her is a low life that will not be there to support her?  No!  Again it is the woman's right and it always should be.

And adoptive parents and the adoption network does not take care of these children, as a whole any better!  In fact children that don't get adopted in foster homes get sexually abused.  Not only that they often end up missing.  And do you know what the mind of the abuser says to them?  That it is normal for me to abuse you!  It is natural!  And that is just like the argument against abortion and pro-life!

It is an invalid argument just as the sales speech from the sexual abuser is!  Somehow that is the only person that benefits?  Right?  The evil of society who get to get their jollies off by sexually torturing young human being children?

Tell what mother on earth should be forced to give birth to a child and then be forced to give it up for abortion where their is a great chance of the above occurring?  That is not a woman's idea!  That is the idea of something that is female and for some reason, we will never know, can't have children.

How about this.  Every parent that cannot have a child and wants to adopt has to publicly state why they cannot have children themselves.  What happened to you?  Sounds fair enough right?  You can't have any child, you want a child, you tell us (We The People, the public in your communities in the United States) why you can't have one!

Maybe what is really natural is that if you were born not to have human being children you should not be able to adopt?  Maybe you have a subtle birth defect related to alcohol whereby you would never be able to raise a child yourself?  Well then you should not be able to adopt one!

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And you often hear about self doubt that arises many years later when that woman believes she should have kept that child.... The source of that self doubt is likely the same as other sources of her self doubt; someone who is extremely jealous of them!

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