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Friday, October 25, 2013

Taxing Marijuana would be impossible 10 25 2013

Taxing Marijuana would be impossible 10 25 2013

Marijuana itself is a tax to good people!

Before you think you could legalize and tax the h311 out of marijuana you have to realize how unsuccessful we have been at taxing alcohol!

In 1969 Wisconsin wanted to tax a barrel of beer at $10 because they saw how bad it was for our society.  A tax like that today would be over $60 a barrel and would have a lot more blocking from many different hidden sides with bad interests at heart that would prevent it from happening!

You are likely to get the equivalent of being knocked over the head with a gold tipped cane with blood coming down over your eyes and blinding you, before you could even utter the words of such an idea!

It tells us what direction our country is headed in and what the conflict is going to be.

Look at what happened when we wanted better health care for all?  A Tavern League unverified member turned House Speaker lead a force to shut down the United States Government!  There is one side that creates human sickness and profits from it and enjoys doing so?

We need complete SEGREGATION from those that believe in selling alcohol and drugs, and giving birth to birth defect children and raising children to support that idea and profiting from human misery, from the rest of us legitimate Americans!

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