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Monday, October 14, 2013

I can end this rather quickly 10 14 2013 update # 2

I can end this rather quickly  10 14 2013

Today when I took my mother out to lunch their was a news item playing on the television show.  Two young girls maybe 14 or 15 went both told their parents false alibis of where they were going.  From what I could hear they went to some party.  There was alcohol there.  They were raped.  They were gang raped. When one awoke up there was magic markers on their body that read "So and so was here."  One of them was still unconscious and ended up dying!  She could not be revived.  Her parents pulled the plug and her body parts were given as organ donations to those who needed them.

So how do we end this?  It is very simple and quick.  Germany will no longer provide the United States with the drug that is used in executions for public offense.  So here is how we handle this.  Whoever's name is on that label of beer or whiskey or wine that got them drunk is the one to execute the young men that raped them and got them drunk!  They will tie the noose like in the old days.  Our Government can no longer afford to keep you in prison or pay for the drug to kill you!  Plus Germany won't sell it here anymore!  So whose-ever name is on that bottle or can is indeed the one who will have to execute those boys!  Enough is enough!  Our judicial system should not bear this responsibility!  They have been overwhelmed and indeed many of the lawyers on both sides are said to be incompetent!  When that alcohol producer has to execute young men and women that will be the end of it!

Also there will have to be someone participating in the execution from the store that sold it.

Now what if there was not alcohol involved?  Then the father of that son gets to be the one to tie the noose.  You say that they might not die right away?  Just like John Boehner say's, "As long as it takes!"

Okay today I was at a dollar store,  I will tell you the name of it, it was Dollar Tree.  You can buy a marijuana test kit for one dollar!  Good investment!  I believe it is urine based.  So because the Government is shut down you can tell your son that you are conserving toilet flushes and have him piss in a pale.  And then you test it!  As above if you son is guilty of negligent homicide while on drugs that you could have prevented you get to be the one to tie the noose!  And you get the idea, fail to tie the noose and you get in one yourself along with him. And it is next family relation that gets the honors!

When I saw that I said, "That is something that we needed to sell for a dollar 20 years ago!"

The woman behind me in line thought it would be enough just to buy it and put it on the counter-top where the child could see it! 

And one more thing every woman who reaches the age of 18 or 21 or whatever age will be required to say what her favorite brand of alcohol is. Better yet if she is a young girl the brand will be her mothers brand.  When that baby is born with fetal alcohol syndrome, again the alcohol producer does the honors of aborting it!  And incinerating the body.  Again our Government can no longer pay the bills and it costs in upwards of $3.2 million over that persons lifetime to treat them!  We no longer have that money!  Better this way than healthy and innocent sons of parents who cared to see that they were conceived and born without birth defects have to get into a war based on Corporate economics!  Better this way than human beings who have conscience and reason have to die for those who don't and never will!

Companies have denied liability for deadly SUBSTANCES for too long and wiggled away out of the responsibility.  Enough is enough.  A Corporation can not smile but it can kill!

A young man sells or gives drugs a person overdoses and dies that father of that drug dealer does the honors!

That would end a lot of the problems in our society rather quickly.

And all of this assumes that conviction occurred as well as capital punishment- death sentence.

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