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Friday, October 25, 2013

Inventions Needed Plywood with insulating layers 10 25 2013

Inventions Needed Plywood with insulating layers 10 25 2013

This would be plywood, such that if it were five layer plywood layers 2 and 4 would have cutout areas in the wood where fiber reinforced foam was placed.  Such layer of 2 would have overlapping cutouts with regard to layer 4.  It would have to be engineered so that there was minimal if any span sag considerations.  This could be accomplish through dowel placement pegs that keep the layers from shifting.  The hole pattern much the same as a domino but more with perimeter holes and not center pegged holes.  And indeed the entire perimeter of both a 4' x 8' slab or 2'x 4' slabs cut from it would have an all wood edge; this is a detail with regard to cutout formation with the inner insulating matrix.

Goal Applications being same as regular plywood but where a higher R value would be needed.  And it would be contraindicated to cut indoors because of the fiber foam layers.

And indeed something similar in terms of a newly engineered material can be created by using a graphite or even Kevlar reinforced glue in the "plys" of the plywood!  Kevlar offers flame retard-ency as well as strength; and indeed the prices of the material should come down in the future, due to market penetration through increased licensing???

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