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Monday, October 21, 2013

Why haven't 10 21 2013

Why haven't Wisconsin Politicians been subjected to live questions from the General Press at press conferences?

This is something the American public loves to see!  It actually gets the public thinking about their own future when it happens and I would consider that a good thing!  Instead what we see is more along the lines of the Royal Ground Hog is blessing us with its appearance.  That is indeed remnant of a monarchy and not the democracy that we are!
I had to look up the spelling of that word remnant and here is what I found, for those of you who don't have the initials AHC and liked to learn something when you read.

And one more thing about Wisconsin and National politics for that matter.  Has anyone noticed Politicians are not required to submit a resume with regard to their intentions on every single issue when in office?  Who would ever hire a person that can not complete a resume?  No you wouldn't or at least you shouldn't in my point of view, not yours.  But that is exactly how you have elected Politicians.

What we have is a monopoly in media!  So that is why we should have broad based press conferences where highly relevant questions are allowed to be asked.  You know like when your were back in grade school and rose your hand and the speaker had the respect to eventually getting around to answering yours?  It was fun wasn't it?

I was at the Republican Convention in Waukesha for Romney and Ryan pre the 2012 election.  And there were not questions asked there.  Isn't that extremely odd?  That our Neo-Republican party does not have any questions for its political leaders?  It is a sign of abject obedience to a hidden cause?~ such as was the Know Nothing party.  Do you know what else they did at that presentation?  They turned the speakers up so loud it was deafening!  That is a Nazi German technique of creating and bad shepherding the dependent minded.

The other gestalt I am getting from Wisconsin Politics is a weighting of the news whereby very little is related to the public in terms of a candidates qualifications and yet their is a more strong focus on everything else that is written.  (And it is getting better.)  But what this leads to is the exact same thing a drug dealer uses as a tactic.  Confidence building in order to defeat the will of the public.  It is a bad sales tactic whereby if a newspaper can get you to agree with opinion after opinion on unrelated topics it can just print the headline Vote for Winthrop and that is who is elected.

Speaking of which has anyone noticed that Protestants don't raise their children like the rest of us do?  It takes me back to a junction in US. history after the Puritans and before whiskey producing George Washington.  The Puritans believed in only drinking alcohol in moderation.  They also believed that the poor should learn how to read so that they could obey laws.  That is far different than George Washington owning slaves and producing whiskey.  Whiskey being a drink that can never be drank in moderation!

So what is the big deal with regard to a group of White Anglo Saxon Protestants (or equivalent) raising their children from the demonized soul of an adult human being who is then labeled schizophrenic? It creates the largest healthcare bill in our country ever!  Not only that the drugs that are used to medicate and zombify their victims have the highest profit margins in the industry!  This drained the country of all of our talent and money.

So Protestant was the Kings Religion in England.  The Puritans bucked the trend and founded the United States and some very good laws.  The Protestants flushed the Irish out of Ireland by confiscating all of their potatoes and causing a genocidal famine.  They come to the United States and meet up with great animosity to them from the Protestants that owned slaves in the same nature as George Washington did, like the Confederate south.  And what forms is the Know Nothing party which likely transitioned its anti-white racial beliefs into your neo-republican party of today!

Speaking of which has anyone seen the white people with the English accents in Milwaukee?  They don't tan like the rest of us and their faces are pale and droopy!  But what will really freak you out is when you see their eye's bulging out of their sockets like the Troglodytes in the movie the Time Machine!!! No lie!!!!  I don't think these are white people at all!  I think they are blacks!  Now here is my idea of why.  The minister Farakan said that a man engineered the white people on the island of Patmos about 6600 years ago.  And that they are the grafted seed of blacks.  He mentioned it is described how it was done on page 112-113 on some book I didn't get the title of and don't intend to buy.  But I still want to know how it says.  But I believe that not all white people are from that grafted seed!  Some of us were likely those that just transitioned naturally in the sun due to climate change.  It is indeed an adaptive technique to cold and warm seasonal climate living!  But these white Protestants don't have that ability!  It is more like they were grafted from the seed of black man and an albino.  Was the purpose of this to infiltrate a white race of people.  Such as the original peaceful inhabitants of Israel?  To be fair we also know that the Moors who were blacks from Africa conquered a great portion of Europe.  But did they get to Ireland?  I don't believe so.  It was under English Dominance and control that the first beer brewery was established in Ireland.  And that screwed up a lot of the Irish race.  Just in time for the English to take away their potatoes and send them to a country where Protestants dominated and hated them to begin with.

Okay so the minister Farakan believes that the grafted seed needs to be segregated from the black person because they cannot live together.  I would argue that there is a great difference in white people.  Some are grafted seeds and some aren't.  He also wants to lead his blacks back to Africa.  All well and good but you are going without taking those Protestants you sired with you!  And for those Protestants that believe no one will care if you demonize a human being for a soul.  Well just think of it this way what England and Africa will likely degrade to without the influence of righteous people?  England was Druids, Africa was voodoo cannibalistic head hunters.  (Does cannibal have a relation to the Canaanites in word origin?)  And the ancient Essene Jews were likely head hunters too!  Why else do you send out ten priests to bring back a man to be your exiled prisoner that your children learn from?  Sounds like they were dislocating human minds and causing schizophrenia way back then.  What am I getting at?  On the news in the last year there was a party with blacks.  They watched as a black girl was taken into a bedroom by two large black men. One lifting and holding her passed out body by the ankles and the other by the wrists.  She was then gang raped.  That is what you are headed for.  But you know what that is exactly what the grafted seed type of Protestant white person does in Fraternal behavior at Ivy League Universities.  You both need to leave the United States and never ever come back here!  The Protestant religion of grafting the souls from adult males and creating a wasp nest in the place of a beautiful mind violates every single word of the United States Constitution!  You don't belong here and you never did!

Which gets me to another point.  It was that pale white Protestant in our banking system that engineered both the need to sell U.S. debt to foreign countries such as humans rights violator China and the sale of such debt to China.  Why did they do it?  Because China was indeed part of Great Britain through Hong Kong domicile!  They have that same inability to learn for themselves without taking a human mind as host!  That is why they hate the freedom represented by the United States and our Constitution!

Okay white people whether pale or not.  It gets better because in our near future their will not be anymore white people around!  Why?  The birth rate of white people is far less than that of Muslim blacks.  The reason being the Muslims don't believe in alcohol.  But not only that blacks have babies that they can never care for or teach to read.  They just get pregnant over and over again without any concern for how they will be raised.

White people there is only one hope for you!  And that is if the Catholic Church comes out and makes a statement with regard to alcohol not being a teaching of Jesus Christ and the Bible!  And there is plenty of material in the Bible to justify that belief.  If that were to happen it would be a boon for white people the world over!  Alcohol is the drug that leads to all the other drugs being consumed and the early deaths and birth defects from them!  We should have beat the alcohol issue at the same time we won the Civil War.  A Protestant never earned a single dollar in the United States.  Not only that the U.S. should have never been freely converted into other currencies!  It should have been made by the President.  As in we need some metals for production and I will pay you at this exchange rate for them.  But here is what should have followed.  The exchange rate demanded by China or England would be too high whereby it would comprise an economic drain. is what should have happened and it follows another principle of the Bible whereby you have everything you need on earth for your health..... the principle being that we innovate and put strong American minds to the task so that we do not need to purchase from foreign countries.  That does not happen in a Protestant demonization and creation of zombified men economy; it is the exact opposite.  And the Protestants themselves that comprise the United States are your basic ignorant Luddite Druid.  I want them out of here!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 21 2013 at:

Don't know if I mentioned it above but I think that grafted seed was created to infiltrate and destroy the white race of Irish and maybe good Jews type too.

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