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Monday, October 28, 2013

Penn State and Sandusky 10 28 2013

Penn State and Sandusky 10 28 2013

Penn State to pay $60 million to 26 men over abuse claims against Sandusky.

Okay, that does not go far enough.  Every hall of that University should bear the name of one of those 26 men.  Let those be the new stations of the cross at that facility!

There was a time back in Wisconsin's history where we heard an athletic coach sodomized a boy with a broom handle while others watched.  (It wasn't me, for you barbing minds.)

Now lets get hypothetical:

But, lets say that young man got pissed grabbed his fathers gun and shot that coach and those 4 boys?  That young man is either shot by police so we never hear the story of how he was shamed or he is put on drugs and his testimony to the police is never revealed to the public.  He also may not even tell what happened in his trial for fear of the lifetime public shame!

So that happens to the boy and he is supposed to go there and sit in class like a man?  He is supposed to be a man about that?  He is supposed to respect the man that did it to him?  The world does not work that way.  He likely we end up on medication because his human rights were violated.  And then after awhile of that he snaps!  What would have been better and cost a lot less human life in these situations is if the initial victim saw justice served by that sexual molester facing capital punishment.  That is how you fix this problem.

Human being males do not forgive and forget those who threatened their ability to have children through abuse.  It isn't human nature and it doesn't happen.  We may very well think that person might have learned not to do that as he/she aged.  And as such people just forget about them.  But men and women who are abused also are fearful of others like that abusing them again because their was no justice.  And we should not have to live in fear from the mentally defective!  And that is what is called forgive and forget.

And of course as in the foster care example from the last episode some children are taught that sexual abuse is normal.  Okay red flag United States!  Red flag United States!  ~ Everyone of those children taught that, are indeed a potential sexual molester of children themselves!  Do you see why?  They were not vigilant in their belief it should not be done to them!  They have accepted injustice done upon themselves.  They might even have the belief it should have been done to them!!!!!  And once they have that belief it motivates them to do it unto others?

And indeed the psychological principle above has not adequately been addressed in college textbooks.  Why not?  Well Jesus F. Christ.  Look what the title of this article is!!!!!

And no-one seems to understand what motivates people such as that?  They never know on the television.  Do you know that some of those newscasters are gay?  So if you are gay it would be like a normal daily event for you?  In fact if you became President you might find it so normal that you allow them to marry?  What is the point?  Are all those who don't understand the violence that can occur in reaction to sexual abuse...abused themselves and complacent with it to the point of partaking in the activity themselves?  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

You make those the new Hall names and add paintings of the instances of abuse to the walls of that University and you change the world for the better for a very long time!  And you know what you would lessen the element of our society that really does not benefit the rest of us by RECEIVING a college education!  In fact their RECEPTION of a diploma is detrimental to the standard of humanity and human rights!  If Sandusky received a diploma, he never should have!

Sandusky?  The Puritans might have termed that a Warlock and left him in the center of the Union hanging in a noose?  That is what they did!

If there are men that had problems with faculty there are women too!  Where did O Reilly go to college, for some reason something of a momentary tick with regard to a question of him resounds in my mind?

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