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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gestalt Eye on China 10 20 2013

Gestalt Eye on China 10 20 2013

So the United States borrows $1.5 trillion from the Chinese.  We in turn use it to finance our war in the Middle East.  And now what happens?  Chinese are using the interest on that money to buy up the United States.

When push comes to shove what every American is going to realize is that we should have never traded or done business with those that did not believe in our Constitution.  What you are also going to realize is that we never had to do business with those that did not believe in our Constitution.

What else you are going to realize is that China will ban the United States Constitution from the world just like it did the Bible from China!

The argument used to be that they cannot come and take our land in the event of an economic dispute.  Meaning our Homeland!  Just the opposite is happening Homeland Security is in no way shape or form preventing the broad spread indoctrination of Communist teachings in the United States.  And it is the antithesis of both our Constitution and world history as explained in the Bible.

Apparently it is a violation of Church and State to teach anywhere in the United States how to defeat the minds of dictators or the archetype of that mind! Those questions are never asked!  And if you start asking them you get in trouble.

How much interest is this Communist Country receiving from the United States Government?  Was the Chinese Currency ever convertible into United States Dollars?  No!  They are based on different beliefs! One is worthless and always will be!  And the other is becoming just like it!

I get the interest due to China every year from the United States to be $75 billion dollars based on 5% of $1.5 trillion dollars.  That is a give away of the United States that should have never been allowed to happen.  A Queens Reich we never noticed happening!

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