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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pimps in our Suburban Midst: Death Transmitters 10 29 2013

Pimps in our Suburban Midst: Death Transmitters 10 29 2013

I believe I once watched a movie a long time ago where a black pimp had a large antenna mounted on the back of his Cadillac.  I asked myself what it meant?  The conclusion I come to know is that he was evading laws by using the CB radio much like cab drivers do to pick up prostitutes and deliver them or what is called clients or tricks.  Now imagine how you would feel if you lived in the core, you had a teenage daughter that you had tried to raise to the good principles of religion and one day you see that a pimp car is parked outside of your house.  He is waiting to make a victim of your daughter and you know it!  He is telling you ahead of time what he is going to do!

Not only that he has turned up or amplified his radio and may even have a ham radio in his pimp car whereby he is talking to your daughter.  "Oh you are so sweet.  You are so beautiful.  I know people that work at the television station I am going to make you a star.  Just come down to my car.  I will be at the end of the block in in little while!"   What do we know today?  That common electromagnetic frequency are able to be heard by human beings!  That pimp knew it back then!  And who had he built an alliance with?

And then when that doesn't work the first time he comes back in a week and starts the speech, "This is god......"

The other day I saw a television news crew that had a large oval directional antenna mounted to the top of it.  And it reminded me of that pimp car!    Did that pimp of the 70's use a high powered ham radio transmitter to make an idiot of your child, I ask!  And then enslave her with drugs and forced prostitution?

No vans with a large directional antenna belong in your American neighborhood!  Nor do those arrays of cell phone needle like transmitters that are invariably mounted near high school track and football  fields!

Why not?  There is a list of reasons that follow but the primary one is that they can be used to create genocide!

For example there is a news event in your neighborhood and ostensibly that news van is there to cover the event.  But even though the antenna does not appear to be directly pointed at your house its directional system is!  In the next months 3 children are miscarriaged or are born with "Microwave cell drying" birth defects!  One mother dies during pregnancy!

Also in the next month:

1. The local pharmacy has a 10 fold increase in pail pill sales.  One of them is a new one that is crushed and drank with water to get a high and death overdose potential similar to that of heroin.  And indeed despite our FDA's assurance that it is going to crack down on this sort of thing miraculously at this point in time it is approved by the FDA!

2. An athlete pulls a muscle in his hamstring and does not win the high school state championship!  Even though he had a good chance!  He was never allowed to compete because of it and that opportunity is lost in the history of his life.  Again from microwave cell drying effect.  Later in life he will become a miserable beer drinking couch potato that is a great professional sports fan!

3. A citizen cannot remember why he/she wanted to or didn't want to buy or sell and investment and loses his life's nest egg!

4.  Family members become irate at one another per the active  facilitation of the Bible verse, "I will turn father against son and do everything in my power to break up families!"  Or something like that?  Is that Matthew?  If it is I have been waiting to unload why Matthew from the Bible was really Satan!

Okay the fact that they are located around high school track and football fields is very disturbing!  Have you ever seen a failed high school athlete get so angry over a soccer call on the kiddy field that a violent fist fight ensues?  These people are not Americans they are beasts among us.  Okay just keep that image of power and dominance in your mind and ask yourself how far a person like that would go to see that his son lived the dream that he never did in terms of making the pros?  Would he indeed participate in a phased array microwave beam to ruin the competition from the competing side?  Governed much like drones are from a remote media office?  Do you see?  A phases array beam is cast out of those needle like microwave transmitter/receivers and the Quarterback from the away team is jinxed but not by a mere notion!  His neural electric body has been targeted and micro shocked at the opportune moment!  Do you know what else will happen?  The Casinos are in place to put betting lines on these events!

Do you know what it is the gestalt of?  It is the gestalt of your American Son being fed to the lions and having to defeat them before he can indeed compete against a son of satan!  And that is indeed of the same lineage that defeated Prohibition in the United States.

It will turn into something whereby High School Athletes will be paid.  And beer will be served at the High School stadiums!

You probably don't believe any of this!

But what is the drive toward athleticism and false sportsmanship?  It is really escapism by that which cannot compete with a human being that has a non-defective hippo campus, a conscience and human reason!  America was created so the conditions precedent of the human being and not the beast would prevail.  That concept has failed!  As the beast interpreted freedom to mean it can do whatever it wants to human beings and get away with it!

And do you know what happens to the high school athlete with the torn hamstring?  The same technology will be actively used so that he never recovers!  Do you know the reason why????

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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