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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Acting 10 22 2013

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Acting 10 22 2013

Acting is really pretending to be someone that you are not.  So for the life of God, and I have thought this exact same way since I was a boy, how can you give someone a lifetime achievement award for pretending to be other people?

Do you know what the motivation for this award likely was?  Depression leading to suicide at the end of their acting career!  That actor looks around and see's that he/she never really contributed anything to society and becomes depressed as he makes a valid comparison to those in our world who did but did not receive any recognition for it. 

So that Lifetime achievement award is the spoil system way of psychiatric treatment for them.  Instead of giving them pills to ease their depression they are given the Lifetime Achievement Award for pretending to be other people.  Pretending to be other people is the opposite of actual achievement in my mind.

The actor wants to take credit for all the life's stories and writing and achievements of the people he/she portrayed.  In effect actors receive the award for achievement for the achievements of those whom they pretended to be.

It has never made any sense to me.  And it would appear to lead to great inequality and unfairness, for example for the actor to be rewarded in a greater amount than the sum of those who achieved did!  The God of the Bible would call this worshipping false idols and make you and your wife carry a stone each with 5 commandments on it through the dessert until you dropped over dead.

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