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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Article on Nygren and Heroin 10 20 2013

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article on Nygren and Heroin 10 20 2013

Any pharmacy that sold heroin to young people in this manner by prescription should lose it charter to sell pharmaceuticals anywhere in the United States and the World!  Those buildings can be made into organic food markets where organic farmers can sell their produce.

I also believe that Cannella (Italian name) should get the death penalty for prescribing it!  Not only that every heroin dealer in the United States should get the death penalty and fast!

It is like underage drinking at a bar.  That bartender knows when you are underage but he just wants the money!  Those rules are willfully broken so that he can make more money.  And there has never been an adequate judicial process to keep the occurrence of repeat offenders from happening.  You know they can study those who have had their minds split to the hilt.  But they never have studied the mind of a drug dealer or drug user.  Because if they had this all would have been prevented and effective legislation put forth.  But instead we have the Breaking of Prohibition by Roman Catholic faithful Church going members of the Italian American Mafia and the new trend toward  legalization of marijuana.  Even Commercial sale of cigarettes should have been banned when we first realized they caused cancer and birth defects.  But you won't see what needs to be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening again because no one is righteous enough to say it!  All of those drug trends lead these young children to the death path of overdose and ruined lives.  And you won't realize it until it is far too late.  Until your teenage daughter looks like she belongs at the old folks hospice and it all happened so fast and no one knows why!

We will also need brain scans, DNA evidence and drug testing (including alcohol) of every single American in the United States!

When a person has utilized these substances they are no longer in the capacity to make legal decisions for themselves.  In effect a human being has been taken from our country right under our noses.  You have waved your rights to vote if you have chosen to no longer be able to make legal decisions for yourself through drug use!  We also do not want you manage employees anywhere in the United States if you are a drug user of any kind.

If I were President Afghanistan would not be a protectorate like it is today.  And indeed I would not hesitate to napalm every "heroin" field in the entire world!   That is all the warning the Heroin farmer needs to cease and desist that activity right away!

And in this future world scenario the burden of executing someone like Cannella will fall entirely on the members of the regulatory body that granted him Doctorate Degree and also failed to regulate him and others like him; the AMA and the FDA.  That burden should not fall on the responsibility of a hired hangman of our judicial system.  It should fall on the shoulders of those who should have been responsible but were not! That would end the instance of that activity rather quickly.  That and any drug users who have made a full recovery should indeed be the one to administer capital punishment to their abusers.  "He did this to me!"  Who gave this satanic person the passing grade to become a Doctor I have to ask?  Do you want to know the answer?  It was someone just like him and they likely laughed at the same Kuru jokes about human beings who would be their victims, together!

I was offered drugs in the 5th grade at Catholic School, I was offered drugs at Bradford Beach this summer, I was offered drugs by an extremely wealthy Lawyer at a prominent Milwaukee health club.  I want this bad bread out of here!

No legitimate medical community would ever prescribe an opiate like Heroin because it only leads to more, more, more until you are dead.  In other words it is escapism transitioning into sum certain early death!  That is not a principle of the Hippocratic Oath.  Americans would be far better off dealing with the source of our pain directly and getting to the cause of it.  Now that is responsible behavior!  We have a problem today and the hand comes out with the pill in it for us.  We don't like someone the hand with the pill in it is forced on their tongue and down their throat.  People are harassed by this dark community and then offered drugs by them.  Can you see why a normal Johnny Appleseed boy living in Marinette Country Wisconsin might indeed snap? No one should have to put up with these people least of all good children of good parents!  Kids that sell drugs do not get expelled from private schools their parents pay our Dollars to put them in!  Just one hit of that heroin is enough to screw that young person up so that they will likely be a danger to other people their entire lives.  How does it work?  Their minds have indeed been spoiled rotten through leap frogging achievement with the Escapism Factor these have on the human brain development!  That Escapism Factor has never been documented as a valid psychological construct with regards to brain development.  It needs to be recited and written on the blackboard by the medical community until they are crying and want to go home from school!  Those drugs prevent the hippocampus area of the human brain from developing!  Life is not easy.  You are supposed to develop strong minds by the time that you are an adult so that you can indeed raise a generation of responsible human beings!  You are not supposed to escape through medication or drugs!  An extension of a pyschological principle I learned in college at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is well it was a thought provoking comment made by the professor, "You are only alive while you are awake?"  The extension of that principle is that those who use drugs really want to experience death rather than develop a human conscience and human reason.  All well and good, you can all go to the same geographic place and die together with one another!  Drugs really represent the self deprivation of human thought.  So indeed the girl in the above case,  well to put it bluntly there should have been capital punishment for the person that sexually abused her as a child.  If that had happened she would not have to have become introverted in her thoughts or seek escapism from the reality of her life's history.  Do you see it?  Her thought processes from that time of abuse all related to or reflected on the abuser.  And that is the exact definition of Satan as the abuser in the Bible or at least from my prior writings.  She needs to escape from the reality of her own conscience because their is a bad milestone that is lurking in her personal development and always opportunizing itself to give her low self esteem.  A child who is sexually abused under the authority of satanic adults did absolutely nothing wrong.  What she will come to realize as an adult is that she will not even be able to own the story of her own abuse because it will have been scribed away for money from her "Diffused" human soul!  Just like there was someone to profit from selling her drugs there will be someone who profits to her exclusion from the misery of her life's story.  Start writing it right away and contact me and I will help you publish it, in all cases.  When a person like this tries to take responsibility for their own thoughts and memories what they find out is that they for some reason are very fleeting and ephemeral!  Don't let that happen!  If we are all vigilant to our own life's memories we might indeed overload that which would deprive us of them?  In other words to deny your life history is to deny your own self of self it is better to come to the conclusion (if true) that you were a child and did nothing wrong when you were abused is indeed asserting your freedom.  Some people are not able to come to the conclusion that they did nothing wrong as children because they sexually molested other children.  So in effect that justifies their criminal existence in our world today.  I would not doubt Cannella was one such person.  Does a child become reflexively good or bad in relation to abuse?  At here is all boils down to it is a matter of free will!  And some children are denied the free will to be good people- the movie Oliver Twist shows how that theme is valid.  But they are still bad people.

One could also scientifically prove that the instance of abuse in her childhood creates a mental block in terms of how her hippocampus processes memories!  So in effect her brain development of the hippocampus has been shut down due to avoidance of that memory and hence that of use of that part of brain function!  A hippocampus can indeed be thought of as part of a temporal processing function of the human brain because in addition to bringing life's memories into conscious thought it also activates memories with regard to a persons environment, sense of direction and sense of place.  Walt Disney illustrated an abuse function like this when a cartoon character stood in front of a doorway and said, "It (or he) is not in here."  The point being she (or those like her) probably has a whole range of subconscious avoidance issues or mal-adaptations with regard to her sense of place in our world.  In effect her freedom has been greatly compromised. 

Now you would think that I might be paranoid to go places with all this in depth writing.  But the exact opposite is true I believe in going where ever I want to go and doing whatever I want to do.  And if a problem occurs I just utter to that person under my breath or not under my breath what I think of them!  That is like being a father to the reprobate community of the United States and they respect it because it sobering to them.

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