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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alcohol Schizophrenia and Judah 10 06 2013

Article written in response to reading "Let's try a public health approach for Milwaukee" by Walter Laux published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel CROSSROADS section on 10 06 2013

Alcohol Schizophrenia and Judah 10 06 2013
According to a State of Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Needs Assessment report released earlier this year 1 in 5 Wisconsinites has a mental illness!  1 in 5!  That is 20%!  That is a very high percentage!  For example if an investor could make that amount of interest on his principle every year it would not take very long until he was wealthy!  It is very hard to do!
What do we know about Wisconsin?  It is a big alcohol state!  What do we know about alcoholics?  We know that they are often very skinny!  But why?  It is very simple, it is because alcohol oxidizes human cells and they die and are removed from the body via the metabolic process.  But where do they remove the key fats in a person and what does this have to do with the addiction?  Does the brain have fat in it?  You bet it does!  And what does that fat serve to accomplish in the brain?  It insulates the brains nerve cells!  And it also creates a source of fuel for brain cells!  Now this concept has tow opposite sides to it in terms of human mental health!  One is the schizophrenic and the other is the archetype of satan from the Bible!  With all of our seven wonders of the world have you ever seen a major college university, where drinking alcohol is the favorite thing to do, do a study of fund a study titled, “The search for Satan.”  As in what did Jesus Christ and the Bible mean by that term?  It wasn’t fiction!  In fact it might indeed be one of the earliest diagnosis of what constitutes a mentally defective person, often mislabeled as mentally ill.  Another distinction that has alluded our society is indeed the difference between someone that might be born with that hidden mental defect they are hiding and those who were mentally healthy and happy all of their lives until about the time it came for them to enter the workforce and productively apply their beautiful minds!
What is the part of the human brain that is the first part to be damaged when a person is exposed to or drinks alcohol at any stage in their lives?  It is the hippocampus area of the brain.  The area responsible for translating short term memories or in the worst case scenarios of abuse just sensory stimulation into long term memories!  In other words it is responsible for human learning based on one’s own life experience!  It is also how one speaks based on one’s own life experience! Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western hemisphere.  But how does alcohol affect the human brain?  The first part of the brain that goes “blue” and dies from alcohol exposure is indeed the hippocampus!  It is like the canary in the coal mine!  But the great mystery of history is, “Are there those in our society who have been born with damaged hippocampuses and yet show no outward signs of mental retardation?”  What you need to know is that even the worst looking mentally retarded have learned how to speak.  I would argue that a pairing of them or autistic would never make responsible parents.  In fact it costs $3.2 million over an autistic person’s lifetime to treat them!

Who were the Canaanites?  The Canaanites were those who believed in Cane!  Who was Cane?  He was the man who killed his very successful brother!  Cane indeed is said to have been marked in some way?  We don’t know exactly how!  But Cane ended up building a house that feel in on himself and killed him!  So in effect the bible is telling us it isn’t a good belief system to have!  It is one where there is poetic justice towards the bad person- Cane!
Now back to the paradigm of alcohol stripping the fat from a person’s brain and leading to two different types of people in our world!
1.        The first is the person who hears voices in early adulthood.  The reason they hear them is because their defense against mental intrusion has been broken down because of alcohol!  In effect the wiring to their brains has become bare and exposed!  And when that happens oxidative stress occurs.  And indeed it is made much worse if there are individuals attempted to increase that oxidative stress!  And indeed isn’t that the catch word used in Corporate business today- getting rid of employees through attrition.  I could also use the analogy related to why wars are caused as a means to shell shock people!  How many who have schizophrenia had the bottomless cup phenomenon in High School or College?  Whereby once your cup was empty there was someone to come along and fill it again whether you needed it or not?  In fact if your cup wasn’t full and being drank they became very nervous and uptight!
2.       Now contrast this to a person who has the mind of satan whereby they can speak but they do not have the ability to process thoughts and their own memories via the hippocampus!  It was likely defective the day they were born.  It was the Canary in the coal mine to die!  What do these people need to do?  They need to drink like fish!  Why?  Because they need to “pare” all that fat out of their brain!  Why?  For the very reason that is makes their minds more receptive to the thoughts of other people!   It makes for a better radio receiver when the radio is not insulted, like if it were in box of lead?  Lead being what is called a Faraday cage!  A Electromagnetic Waves, such as radio waves, are blocked from radio reception in a Faraday cage!  So these people intentionally drink alcohol so that they have no insulation in their brains.  Not only that the next day they wake up and due to oxidative damage their memories are clean sweeped!  “When their conscious returns they have to indeed abuse the substance!”  So what happens when you prevent this type of person from drinking alcohol?  It is what happened in Prohibition!  They are forced to confront their own life’s memories and emotions!  Why because there is no longer oxidative damage to the brain nor the stripping away of brain fat caused by alcohol!  And what is that like to them?  Imagine, if you will, having to experience the immediate gestalt of a lifetime of horror and stupidity!  It is unbearable to them!  It becomes extremely hard for them to think about even the simplest things!  Why because they never had developed their own mind to be able to do so!  -They couldn’t they never had that brain function!  And this is indeed what caused all the violence that ended Prohibition!  People not being able to stand being what they were!  Instead of dealing with their own past histories when prevented from drinking they lash out at human beings!  And that is indeed what happens to an alcoholic when they age!  Alcohol goes right for the Canary in the coal mine of the human skull, the heart of what makes a person human, the hippocampus!  It is also the first part of the brain to go during Alzheimers!  And hence what do we know about Alzheimers patients?  They become very violent!  Why?  It is the spoiled child that thinks he knows everything but never knew anything for himself!  They can no longer cope because the way their thoughts were organized or rather what they believed about themselves no longer holds up as that part of the brain dies!  And indeed those acts of violence are the exact same thing bullies are!  It would be of great service if every bully in school had their eyes and eye  movement videotaped!  Why?  Because that is where one can notice the eye defects the most.  And indeed eye disorders are a common symptom of any part of the spectrum of fetal alcohol syndrome disorders!  There are many variants to the alcohol brain disorders in terms of eye movements.  But I am going to describe one that I noticed the other day while viewing a Dateline episode whereby Meredith Verara (sp?)interviewed Elizabeth Smart.  The girl who was kidnapped by Mitchell, who was originally a Mormon (??????).  When you look at pictures of Mitchell you can see that he had an eyeball disorder.  I alluded to it above in that you can see that he is surviving based on just sensory input as a form of complete brain function?  What am I getting at?  He thinks like an animal, the eyes are wide as they are quick to snap at movement just as an animals are!  And indeed both him and his wife likely snapped at Elizabeth Smart every time she moved as if she was trying to get off the cable bound to her ankle.  (Do you see an evil element of Confederate slave owners minds present here?)  But another aspect of people who see like this is that you can notice that what they are viewing does not enter their minds!  It is as if it only gets so far back into their brains and does not connect to their minds!  You can see it in their eyes!  One might say that their eyes are glossed over?  But it is even more worse than that!  It is as if their eyes are bulging forward from their brains as if to facilitate a type of brain function that is independent from a normal person’s connection to their brain and hippo campus!  That area just behind the eye has adapted and become bigger for lack of hippo campus function and that causes the bulging eye!  And both of those kidnappers were alcohol!  And after they are indeed captured and stand trial what did their eyes look like?  Dull!  And one can even see a greyness in the conjunctivas whereby it was once white and should be!  I have seen many people who have the grey conjunctiva.  And I can tell you that the eye movement with them is not the same as a normal healthy person.  How is it different?  It is as if the whole head has to turn in order for the eye to see.  It is as if those eye muscles do not know how to respond to external stimuli.  Why?  Because they have always been conditioned to see in their minds eye and experience life in that way.  Am I the first to describe people like this?  No.  We have to go back into ancient history, when indeed people are said to have been smarter than today.  It was either Socrates or Plato who described a people who just sat in their caves and stared at the walls and saw images form in their minds!  Now we finally know what they were!  I am ahead of my time with my behind our time knowledge! J

Now I am getting into concepts that are far more removed from general knowledge in the process.  Let me try and further illustrate the concept.  Imagine if you have a golf ball inside a basketball.  That golf ball being your hippo-campus and the basketball space around it being the rest of your human brain.

A.      In the normal human being, who might likely be a chosen one to suffer from schizophrenia later in life, the golf ball interacts with the basketball in terms of human thought being based on memories and knowledge and therefore logic derived from them.  And the Golf ball is at the center of the basketball.  It is protected there.  And indeed there is a layer of brain fact that insulates the nerves of the brain and provides fuel for them.
B.      Contrast this to what we know is written about the archetype of Satan or what I will just term to be those of the defective hippo-campus.  In these individuals, at a very young age they were not able to form long term memories using their own brain function.  Hence all of their memories relate to events and people in the outside world!  And how do they attempt to strengthen that brain function?  By creating a link to human being!  And how do they do this?  They are naturally bullies and abusers!  “Your bad memories are the only life they had!”  That is also why they are very good at sports.  It is sensory coming right to the eye and bypassing human memory process.  Now normal people are indeed very good at sports too even more so!  So indeed your bully wants to make a connection to them too!  In effect this second type of person the golf ball or hippo campus does not function normally.  And indeed thoughts and knowledge therefore can not be process that way.  In effect the whole of the brain is like a basketball without the skin itself!  Thereby making it more open to reception!  And hence also the reason people drink socially.
So what happens if both are prevented from using alcohol?  A above builds brain fat back up and becomes a healthy thinker again.  Based on his happy upbringing and love from his natural parents!  And it is indeed scientifically been proven that children who are nurtured by their loving parents in just that way have a larger mass to the hippo-campus!  Whereas when B above is deprived of alcohol it becomes violent for the reasoning stated above somewhere- part of him/her that wasn’t part of him her and never was meant to be is missing! And hence he/she goes out into the world and seeks to find it by victimizing a human being again!  Just as Mitchell and his wife did to Elizabeth Smart!
Now have the B archetype gotten very adept at stripping human souls without being caught?  Could high technology ever be used to accomplish it?  Again I am talking about technology that can cause cellular death and hence stripping the brain of both protection and fuel!  Yes indeed and it is part of the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world, the artificial creation of schizophrenics!  The CIA has admitted to doing this!  It is no less than an animal harvesting a human beings mind!  They use the term “Dislocate” or “Dislocation”  the locution part of the word implies the use of electricity in the process of disturbing  human brains and thought!  And what is this really?  See epilogue.
Why they cannot build upon personal memories?  Take another victim. Depravity!
So what does the B archetype believe about themselves?  They believe that if they can zombify a human beings mind that they are indeed the equivalent to that person.  Here is why it isn’t true.  Let’s say that person dies?  What happens next?  The B archetype of Satan above does not have the internal basis of its own memories formed via its own thoughts to get through life with.  In effect it suffers from depravity.  And hence they revert to abusing another human being again to make the link or connection!  What also happens when the archetype of satan tries to think of for itself as an adult?  It is futile!  Why because its own memories are ones of victimizing human beings!  It has no basis for its own human knowledge!  Again it has to revert back to the horror of what it did to other people and that creates internal conflict.  Again it cannot process internal conflict because the mental constructs to death with such do not come from its own memories but that of its victims. So they are not valid beliefs to that person.  In effect upon the death or zombifiaction of a human soul the archetype of satan reverts immediately to abusing human beings is what made it so great!  So that is its motivation to abuse, steal and victimize anew!  Get it?  It’s bad behavior or animal behavior is validated upon death or zombification through psychiatric medicine of a human being!  Again why?  Because that which in indeed exerted some influence of control through human consciousness has been eliminated!  A slave master (‘s plural too)  has been freed in the process! And why do people who hear voices go on rampages?   Because they do not realize they are demonically possessed by a being whose thoughts mirror their very own step for step!  Until the demonic possessor can find a way to pull the switch on the railroad track and divert the person thinking to an imagination that person had!  Diversions such as sexual stimuli and any type of drug whatsoever is all that is needed, along with trusting someone that you did not know was lacking their own “Memory soul” capability.  Your going to hate me for this, but both the criminal and its victim are both victims!  But people never see who victimized the criminal!


Actually the best thing that could happen to the world is that if during routine eye test the eyes were videotaped and indeed the footage added to a national database whereby statistics regarding eye dimensions are compared to people’s eyes in order to determine how that person’s brain is indeed functioning!  And that is indeed another way to prove that schizophrenia is a medical fraud created by those who have defective hippocampus function!  And defective hippocampus function is caused by alcohol abuse.  Your body creates a strong skull to protect your brain and alcohol goes right to the center of it and creates a “dead grey star” out of a human head!


Epilogue:  In the early 70’s the Russians BEAMED microwave weapons at the CIA headquarters.  After this all CIA buildings were shielded with lead to create a Faraday cage around the building.  So indeed it is a communist principle!  But what is very interesting is that the CIA never warned the American public about it!  I would have to say that every victim of schizophrenia might have been targeted by Communist using this same technology!  Indeed the man who killed Kennedy defected from the United States and briefly worked for a Russian aerospace company that was involved in just such technology.  But more importantly what have we seen occur at nearly right after the news of the CIA having microwaves beamed at it?  We saw that lead paint was banned in the United States.  That lead paint likely provided somewhat of a Faraday cage around your house!  It also caused mental retardation by children who ate it!  But what could indeed be causing more mental retardation than lead ever did?  Beamed microwaves destroying the hippocampus.  In effect the signal from your wireless Internet router is part of the same spectrum as well as your cell phone!  I wired the house and ditched the wireless router a long time ago.  I won’t use my cell phone unless for emergency and am thinking of building a little case for it out of cloth that will block some of the radiation from the front of it.

Back to world history.  There was a great difference between Judah and Israel in ancient history.  They were separate regions!  Here is the quote that is very insightful!

Also you have to ask yourself, what type of person would become so miserable when deprived of alcohol that they would kill to have it again!
Nehemiah 13:15
“In those days I saw people in Judah treading winepresses on the Sabbath and bringing in grain and loading it on donkeys, together with wine, grapes, figs and all other kinds of loads. And they were bringing all this into Jerusalem on the Sabbath. Therefore I warned them against selling food on that day.” 
I am interpreting that to mean that Judah concurred the people of Israel through the introduction of wine!

Variant spellings of hippocampus intentional to give greater search engine access.

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