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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Satanic Motivation 10 01 2013

Satanic Motivation 10 01 2013

What is being proposed in Milwaukee County is that a Police Officer can determine whether someone can be committed to receive psychiatric treatment?  So a Police Officer is now able to decide in less than a second whether someone should be involuntarily committed to receive psychiatric treatment?  What does this mean?  In negates every doctorate ever received or granted in psychiatry!  It also means that not only will the psychiatrist be driving a mercedes but your Police Officer will be too?  Same Police officers or Police force in Milwaukee who subjectively strip searched young college women in public?   Same Milwaukee County Police force that pocketed the remaining money out of a cash register after a man who owned a store said he was robbed.?  Same Police force that had members accused of creating child pornography?  I could go on and on!

To receive a doctor ship in psychiatry takes how many years and how much money to attend school?  And how much do they make?

I am all for protecting the health and safety of human beings in communities as well as the health and safety of human beings on the Police Force.  But that might not be the motivation with regard to this item to be made into law?

What would be the next step in the trend or bad precedent this would create?  A Police Officer deciding how much medicine someone should take!  And tens of thousands of American Human Beings die from taking that very medicine every year!

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When I worked for Rocco Spinnelli, for Spinellis Amoco in Whitefish Bay WI,  I had a black drug dealer whom he employed hold a knife to my throat while him and a Whitefish Bay Police officer stood 10 feet away and gleefully watched.  All three were of a lesser race!  I wonder how many Police Officer actually know what the correct charge should have been?

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