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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Science Fraud taught in Catholic School 10 03 2013

Science Fraud taught in Catholic School 10 03 2013

When I was a boy in Holy Family Catholic School in Whitefish Bay we were told that there were XX people and YY people. And that they represented pure male or female attributes in contrast to the general population.   The females were said to be more ladylike and the double male chromosome men were said to be like supermen!

But as I research what the current scientific definitions of that are today on Wikipedia I see that is not how these people are defined to be at all!

But more importantly?  I always wondered what a xx or yy person looked like?

And more importantly is a genetic minority group in the United States or world more human than the general population?

And what could indeed cause the lack of gene expression whereby a great percentage of the population was "Down Gene" regulated?  It would have to be the influence of alcohol on conception.  Whereby oxygen deprivation caused by even the slightest amount causes non expression of what was once the standard?

But as I read how these are defined today those definitions have shifted entirely from what we were told as gradeschoolers!  Even to the point whereby it is near exact opposite of what we were taught!  Scientific knowledge does not change that dramatically without there being a great lie somewhere in it!  It is like the Church stated emphatically that the earth is flat?  What is that?  that is a spoiled kid defining and proclaiming what is valid science and what isn't!  And that same like exists today.  But more to the point people tell you the earth is flat so you don't try and leave!  What is the motivation for that?  It means there is a valid reason they can't stand you and you know it!  And it is indeed prime evidence of a dependent mindset subspecies?  So if you can't work you preach?  The reason people can't work is because they can't get along with other people.  And the reason they can't is because they do not have the ability to abandon preconceptions that do not fit with something they are to learn!  And the reason for that is because they have a slightly defective hippocampus!  But what about the people that are uncomfotrable working with you or for you?  That indeed falls into this same realm of defect!  And of the population of the unemployed?  Are there those who are unemployed because they are so smart nobody wants them working for them?  Yes. 

So if you could not learn because you could not recall personal memories into your conscious mind  you would indeed have a holographic image of memory.  And what happens when the source of that holographic image tried to learn something new?  It would upset you on your merry day wouldn't it!  It would be like that cat that got upset because the furniture was changed around!  We best put that smart one on medicine that will prevent him from using his higher brain function- ie make him the same as us- defective hippocampus?  Yep there is a basis in the Bible for all this soul theft stuff.  And I did go to Catholic School.  Oddly enough everyone wants to trend the nation to privatization of schools, but it was just in the Milwaukee Journal the other day where I read an article written by a woman critical of those labeled mentally ill that maligned those who believed in religion?  What it means to believe in religion is indeed to believe in all of this stuff.  One of the greatest men the United States has ever seen Horace Greeley who was an Abolitionist and founder of the Republican Party said it this way,

Here Horace Greely is quoted:

“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”

So he saying, by deductive logic of analysis,  that those who do not believe in the Bible can be mentally enslaved and also that reading the Bible is a cure from being a mental slave!  I know that the second part is true.  He is validating the existence of mental and social slavery! reference link

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