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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Armory News 10 04 2013

"The Armory News" 10 04 2013

Alcohol and Tobacco cause cancer whereas Guns do not!

Additionally those born to consumers of alcohol and tobacco are the cause of the greatest cost to our health car liability in the United States, they split the souls of human beings because of their own mental defect!

Additionally, Alcohol and Tobacco are also the cause of the most negligent legal interpretations of the United States Constitution ever possible!

Alcohol and tobacco cause mental retardation and autism whereas guns do not!

Alcohol and tobacco create the criminal minded whereas guns do not!

Alcohol and tobacco create a Nation no longer able to defend its freedom whereas guns do not!

Alcohol and tobacco create great environmental liabilities whereas Guns do not!  (Exxon Valdez prime example, captain was drinking and there will never be a way to prevent it as long as it is on the shelf! ).  Fertilizers and herbicides being used to create the crops that go into the cancer causing products. Runoff from farms that should not be, polluting our water supply!  A lot of electricity and national energy resources are also wasted on crops used in making barley for beer, wheat, grains, tobacco, sugar beets for rum, potatoes for vodka, grapes for wine! That gun in the display case does not produce any environmental liability whatsoever.  (All bullets should be of metal, copper and not lead and all manufactures should discharge pure effluent or those chemicals should be drained into a vat for recycling! And that last issue is a new world idea that has not even got the tip of the ice berg attention yet.  The idea being if it isn't water you can drink coming out of your manufacturing plant then it needs to be recycled!  If it isn't air that you can breath then it needs to be captured and recycled.  Might even be a new industry whereby byproducts are used to make or combined with byproducts from other industries to make natural earth materials that are no different that what was there on the ground and below already!

Do you still fail to get the point?

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Got a little off topic below, the sleuths might like it though!

Guns don't cause any of those above issues!  But guns have been used very SUCCESSFULLY to prevent some very bad people from continuing to abuse human rights!  Do you know it almost feels like a crime to write what is the equivalent of what is written in the United States Constitution!  That is how far in the wrong direction the United States has been steered!  That drunken oil ship captain didn't stop their he dragged the whole of the United States in tow and forced them to accept communism principles without even knowing it!

What am I getting at?  Has any historian ever done a psychological study on what the mindset is that created the slave master in the south?  It hasn't been done because those in the mental health industry do not believe their is a disorder whereby someone would want to,need to or be motivated to enslave human beings.  We know that alcohol and drugs make people violent and mean.  Some people are even born that way from parents abuse of them!  The whole mental health industry failed to prevent the ilk from controlling U.S. public policy because they did not view those who attain money by way of crimes such as slavery as having something wrong with them!  Instead the direction that took in the United States was to enslave the minds of those who had nothing wrong with them to the benefit of those that did!  It is like a group of monkey's eating the frosting top layer off of the surface of the earth and not worrying if there will be anything left for their next generation of baby chimps!  Survival of the human species is not a concern to them because they are too busy trying to favorably compare themselves to humans because they are not completely human! Being a human being does not just mean that you can walk on two legs.  A whole tribe of people could walk on two legs and they do and they eat other human beings in cannibalism because they are not of human intelligence to figure out a way not to have to!  Which leads one to belief that is what they really like to do Cannibals like to eat human beings.  Could a cannibal figure out a way to live by not eating human beings?  Not after they have been a cannibal for a while and their tribe has been that way for a while.  Now this is the extreme of less than human standards.  I can hear you already, "I am not to judge what is or has been appropriate in other cultures of the world?"  No human being wants to live next door to someone who would even offer that as a defense in argument!  Are there semi-reformed cannibals living among us that do not partake of the body but instead of the human mind?  What will the Catholic Church say next, "Blood of Christ, Body of Christ, and MIND OF CHRIST!"  "He sacrificed his life so that we could have his MIND? That is a Voodoo England Druid principle. Not a Puritan Civil War Victor mentality!

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