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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where are the Kidnapped American Children 10 03 2013 Updat#2

Where are the Kidnapped American Children 10 03 2013

Who am I talking about?  Americans that go missing every year!  Who are these?  Children that are indeed kidnapped.  But more importantly American Children who were put up for adoption and in the foster care system that have disappeared?

To answer that question you have to ask yourself where would the creepiest Americans and World Class Satanic with hoards of money go if they wanted to have sex with or sexually abuse or disfigure an American child- one that might look EXACTLY like your little blond haired son or daughter?

And indeed to figure that out all you have to do is draw from the knowledge we have attained from evidence received by those who have been investigated for possession of child pornography!

It turns out that they travel to places around the world that are known for the term "Sexual Tourism" locations!

So indeed these people are highly intelligent and wealthy.  So they would know ahead of time that they might be targeted or investigated for visiting a Sex Tourism location in order to abuse children that look exactly like your son or daughter or your neighbors son or daughter!  So indeed they will use what is called jointed travel patterns.  A plane to a location within one hundred miles and then a car to get to the final destination.  Small planes from small airports. etc. etc.

Background into the creepy minded.  There used to be a show called the Morton Downy Junior Show.  And I can remember him telling how when Castro arrived somewhere, the U.S. he had two children with him that had hoods over their heads!

We also know that Catholic Priests form a worldwide network of churches!  And indeed they have been at the heart of the issue too!  We know that businessmen often travel to nearby locations to these.

I can remember when I worked for First Analysis Corporation an Investment firm then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago.  Allan Cohen Phd. told me of how when he went on a trip to China with Dave Bouchard sp? VP of something from Great Lakes Chemical- that the Chinese Stewardess weren't wearing any underwear.  Sure I am open to lawsuits galore from the peoples names that I mention, but you know what?  I DON'T NEED TO HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD EITHER!!!  And you damn right that I don't need to hear voices in my head!

So what am I getting at?  If the NOTION of the idea was that common back then circa 92 it is far worse today and even more NETWORKED!  It gives a bad name to the word Networking in my mind!

So that is how you catch them! You subpoena all the flight records from everyone in this country.  The blatant abusers will have flown directly to those Sex Tourism destinations!  That is really all the evidence that you need to open and start an investigation against them!  The more paranoid will have taken the jointed route approach! They are all likely to have child pornography on their computers!

I have always been a little bit concerned about a United States Citizen committing a crime abroad and not being liable in the United States for it.  Do they actually believe that because they are not in the United States at the time of the crime they are not guilty?  In this case the crime is so horrific that we would not even want these people back in the United States living next to us anymore!  What it gets at is the nature of the person who would do this in a foreign country because it is against the law in the United States.  In effect it means they never belonged here with the rest of us!   A child predator who is a United States citizen is still a child predator if he commits the crime in a foreign country!

So indeed we need to find all these children and we well indeed have the right to!  And question them about who it was that did things to them?  My spider senses tell me a lot of famous people in the United States would be going down!  That right there might be the source justification for wealth distribution in the United States!  What happened?  You got away with it in a foreign country so you indeed established a network and conditions precedent whereby you could get away with it in the United States too!

And what is all of this?  This is the ugly head of Confederate America showing itself again!  And not only that it is one of the worst types of slavery there is!  A money master having sex with a child prisoner (slave).  And what is even worse is the ideology or mindset that creates the conditions precedent whereby woman find it the only option available to them- having sex for money!  And indeed here we have men that create the conditions precedent whereby women are forced to sell themselves for money, but not just women---to be fair to the term  GIRL's!!!!  Daughters!  And then what happens that Pedrone family lineage finds and sells your daughter too!  And then it gets worse and worse.  I do indeed believe that some of these females might be mentally retarded too!  The leading cause of that is alcohols influence on conception and preconception.  Can you imagine that a beautiful face and mentally retarded sold into sex (you can always see it in the eye's, the window to the soul.)  I guess the construct linkage for this concept comes from seeing otherwise extremely gorgeous Italian women that have some kind of congenital (at birth) eye abnormality!  And when I use the term Italian don't send the lawyers to sit next to me in the steam room and act all gruff- that is the nationality of the established criminal network in the United States and nothing meaningful has been done by by what we are to believe are the good of the nationality to extinguish it!  Instead we have the proliferation of more and more types of drugs into our communities!

What I am claiming is that there are those among us who somehow have a defective hippocampus whereby holographic images and constructs from the memories of knowledge from other people pervade their minds.  And the minds those thoughts come from are labeled Schizophrenic!   I often think of it as a tribe of baboons evicted from the Garden of Eden watching from the treeline and thinking along with humans and then chanting so that a human being cannot hear themselves think!

It is really Vondoon religion made into a legal institution of the United States Government! 

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Oh lets see. Smaller Government, Smaller Government, Smaller Government now Shut down government?  It reads like we did something wrong and you are about to catch us but you can't catch us because we have shut down the Government?  If that is indeed your tactic, to continue to live in the United States on your squirreled away gold or whatever like gypsy looters- don't be so sure about that!

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