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Monday, July 14, 2014

Commiserates 07 14 2014

Commiserates 07 14 2014
The basis of a friendship between two mentally defective people can never be each other!
1.       They are never true friends
2.       Neither can be a true friend to anyone
3.       Not only that they cannot live to the standard of humanity
4.       They cannot even be defined as friends but as commiserates
5.       Their friendship cannot be based on an activity either because a mentally defective person cannot correctly or responsibly participate in an activity; they can only perform activities as if they are duplicating how they saw someone else do them.  There is no learning involved.  And when that someone else performs a new activity the mentally defective person experiences cognitive dissonance or the true frustration of being a mentally retarded person!  (look out!)  The mentally defective person will willfully not change how they do an activity and become extremely angry when told, for highly valid and legitimate reasons,  they cannot do something the same way that they have been.  (You can’t drink, you can’t pollute our human environment, you have to sit still and listen in life.  Quite to the contrary those are all the people who become successful!)
6.       A friendship between two or more mentally defective people represents the greatest threat that there ever could be to humanity why?  Because the object of their friendship will have to be someone they abuse together!
7.       And in fact they cannot survive or sustain one another’s lives without making a victims of a human being and their soul.  And that is where the medical fraud of schizophrenia originated from.  The symptoms are real and horrific but it is the cause of it that makes is a medical fraud.  Without the medical fraud of schizophrenia a great many couples could not stay married because they would have no human commonality with each other or basis of relationship.  They make a mind of a human being their co -enemy and co-fixate on it!  They need to be prevented from having any contact with human beings; they need to be put in detention camps.
8.       None of the mentally defective accomplishments or money are they own, they did not earn it and are incapable of earning money!  Hence any money they attained was done through tribalism.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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