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Friday, October 11, 2013

Excuse me, How are Casinos part of Native American history and their culture 10 11 2013

Excuse me, How are Casinos part of Native American history and their culture 10 11 2013

They aren't!  And they are a part of U.S. culture that we abolished.

Prostitution is defacto Slavery!  Prostitution is also one activity that was allowed initially only in Nevada.  Milwaukee is known nationally as a human trafficking tourist spot!  How does any Casino in Wisconsin help the state?

Everyone likes to think that Prostitution is okay to have in Nevada.  But it isn't and here is why!  It is the equivalent of slavery!  You just do not see the abuse that leads these women to sell their own bodies!  You do not see the violence that lead them to the life of prostitution.  You don't see how their parents suffered from lack of intelligence due to drug abuse as the reason for their lives of misery and low intelligence! You don't see how they were abused as children so that all they could become was a prostitute.  And not only that the rest of us have an obligation that people like this are not created!  Why, because once they are that way it is very hard to reform them.  In effect they have been conditioned to be the victim!  They have taken control in a sense of the feeling of being a victim!  We can't let little girls turn out to be monsters like that!  They are indeed in a life of slavery.  We did not know that when we legalized it in Nevada but through increased knowledge and intelligence we know that today.  The reason there was Prostitution legal in Nevada was so that those who were sexually molested as boys had hope in getting laid at least once?  Trust me you would never want to lay one of those whores anyway!  You would likely get a disease our healthcare system doesn't recognize or even know how to treat, and I am not talking about aides.  I am just talking about transmitted filth!  Even the slightest notion of prostitution distracts from the issue of boys being sexually molested.  And I can hear that Judah woman already trying to thwart everything that I write.  What you do know is that it is the interest of the soulless mind of Satan that boys or anyone who experienced trauma masturbates.  Why?  Because that is the life blood her soulless beast mind lives off of!  Without that disseminated soul she is as miserable and stupid as the day she was born!  And do you know what she was?  She was the daughter of a mother and father who drank and she was likely born a blue faced baby!

Taxpayer relief to those who abhore alcohol, tobacco, learning and birth defects, corruption, crime, prostitution!  None of that gambling profit should go only to the Native Americans.  All of us are victimized by having gambling operations present in our country!  I didn't used to think this way.  But many welfare checks written by the countries taxpayer go directly into those machines and buy the Native Americans luxury goods!    That degrades our society and what we value.  It is indeed a bad influence in the state of Wisconsin and the county as a whole from the satanic government that took over after Kennedy was shot by a Russian Communist spy!  That is right the man that shot Kennedy defected from the U.S. worked for a high technology Russian Aerospace company came back to the U.S. was not adequately prevented by the Secret Service from killing Kennedy!  And in those days and ages we were indeed very afraid of Communism!  McCarthy was viewed as a kook when he stated Communism was rampant in the United States.  Communism can be  accurately thought of as the league of the blue faced baby!

Sure that woman was beaten or threatened to be beaten if she didn't leave the house to the chicken ranch to make money.  We just didn't see the interaction between her and the blue faced baby son that she was a victim of violence of!

With knowledge of how gambling is a crime what purpose can any casino have?

Why don't I like more casinos?  Chicago has many Casinos.  What else does it have an epidemic of heroin abuse!  And it did not have that epidemic before the Casinos.  Now indeed I do see that many native Americans are becoming Police Officers!  They see it to!  They recognize the problem!  They see how alcohol and tobacco have deprived their children from learning!  They see the misery it created in their fathers lives.

Do you know why I don't like the sports betting aspect of Casinos?  Because the blue faced babies set the odds from the souls of demonized human beings!  Those victims are indeed labeled schizophrenics!  And sure enough they create enough of them that become violent that it lessens the nature of what someone who hears voices really is.  An actual human being in comparison and one that is 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a cause of it.  And do you know what one of those acts of violence is against them?  Involuntarily committing them after they have had their minds molested!  And it is very hard to prove how someones brain has been molested but it can indeed be proven.  It is like the Church not wanting anyone to prove the earth was not flat!  There is an interest in keeping your victims close to you if you were indeed born a blue faced baby or equivalent.  What do I really mean when I use the term blue faced baby?  I mean that the first part of the human brain to die during oxygen deprivation is the hippocampus.  It regulates the ability to form memories and therefore higher thought processes- that is what makes it the center of the human soul!  Some people would seek to destroy their own human soul by the use of substances that cause it to shrink and those substances are indeed drugs used for the exact purpose of escapism!

Everyone is lead to believe that Gambling is fair.  It isn't the Casinos are cheating because they set the odds from a dislocated human soul!  These are not geniuses setting the odds these are Warlocks and witches that Puritans would have hung!  And they are indeed linked to organized crime!

Native American culture today should be everything that it was in terms of its intricate artwork.  But what it should never be is Cannibalism or the act of cannibalizing the mind of a human being for money.

With regards to the woman who wants to be Governor of Wisconsin.  Her last name is Burke.  I believe that is the same last name as a girl that I went to High School with whose father was a lawyer and indeed someone how got the rights to manage Potowatomi Casino once the idea was formalized.  That Casino came about the same time as the Italian Community Center.  I believe there were secret plans that the Italian Community Center would eventually be turned into a Casino too!  Some Milwaukee Italians actually believe it should be torn down.  I agree with them!

The only reason Casinos are given to the Native Americans is because they made a great labor force that could be readily defacto unionized and indeed indoctrinated into the criminal money culture.  The condition precedent had been set up for them with alcohol and drug abuse leading to low intelligence of tribe members.  Part of a 50 year plan by the Italian Mafia that defeated Prohibition?  Our nations good ROMAN ----Catholics again.  And I am Catholic!!!!

Because there was Italian talk of bringing down the Italian Community center does it indeed defacto mean that Potowatomi is now there Casino?  Was it always? And don't send three Indians to stand in my driveway by the sidewalk and block me backing out again!  You know what, now that I remember that-  that's it!  I am going to do everything in my power to clean up this aspect of our society!

Someone with a defective hippocampus can use all the drugs and alcohol they want because it makes no difference- they don't have the ability to use their own memory!  And that is exactly how they die- they scale up the use and escapism until it kills them!  The treatment they should undergo would be to have them go back to school and learn everything again from their own terms of their own life's experience.  Yeah that Judah woman is piping up already in my head and saying that wouldn't be an option.  The other option is to eventually lose your life or that of your loved one!  You don't really love yourself or your loved one.

The other day I looked at a picture of a man who overdosed on heroin.  I won't mention where he lived or how many children he had.  I can only think of one thing as the cause, it comes from the Bible, "What does the desire for the sloth hole do to a man?"  Answer, "It killith him!"  The Zucker Google spell checker does not even recognize words directly from the Bible!  Who knew.

I am going to send this to Scott Walker, he might know a phrase or two from the Bible as his father was a Protest-tant minister.

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