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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The English ordered all the books written in the Irish Langauge to be burned in hte 1800's 10 12 2013

The English ordered all the books written in the Irish Language to be burned in the 1800's  10 12 2013

My book isn't written in the Irish Language but if you read it you will get a hint as to why the English wanted Irish Literature burned.  And indeed, the way that the United States Government has been shut down today might be another instance whereby Irish books will once again be burned? Not only do they want to burn Irish books- they do not want us writing any either!

So act quickly and get a copy today, before books from Irish authors are once again burned.

The Irish language was the oldest language in the Western Europe written the way that Common people speak, in the language of the common people!  That makes it a language of democracy?  The dialog in my novel is classified and Vernacular literature too!

So why do you burn books that the common people can read?  Because you are insanely jealous of their intelligence, their freedom?  What does that define you to be in comparison?  I bet children that don't like to read would like my book!

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper 

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The Know Nothing political party of the United States hated the Irish too!  It makes me wonder how many Irish served in WWII as a percent of soldiers.  Another odd thing strikes my mind.  The top two Nazi leaders were indeed short with dark hair and not tall and blonde or red headed like the Aryan race.  These are people who Hitler recruited into the Nazi Army!  The Nordics were indeed those who brought an end to bad religious orders in world history.  What am I getting at?  There were three victims in WWII?  The Jews, the Nordics and the American Irish?  All three of these might have had something in common that the Nazi's didn't like?  The Irish might have been Jews too!   The Jews that were left Israel during the Roman invasion found their way to spain.  And indeed the Irish came from spain.  This might indeed be either the lost tribe of David or King Solomon?  The Irish can indeed trace their roots back to the Biblical Kings of the Bible.  And indeed the Irish had the first Kings as compared to Druid English, 500 years before!  You can't trace your roots back to those Kings like David and Solomon if you are not also of Jewish ancestry!  Logic does not work any other way. And that potato famine was indeed an act of Genocide against the Irish too!

 With regard to Goebels, I mean don't you find that odd?  Most of the time when a person rises to power he considers himself to be the best example of what a race should be?  But indeed Hitler and his minister of Propaganda were not that way. And the Minister of Propaganda had many young women brought to him to have sex with????  I believe the name I am looking for is Paul Joseph Goebels?  Why believe in an Aryian race while at the same time you are siring a Goebel looking race?  Okay that logic doesn't hold up because Goebels was a horror of a person who persecuted the Jews?  Schizophrenia is a medical fraud.  I have to wonder if books written in the Irish language exposed the druids who would cause others to hear voices in their heads?  The Bible alone does that doesn't it!  China wants that Bible gone and we owe them $16.9 trillion dollars!  They are going to get their way aren't they!  Whenever I was a boy and noticed that another son was a 5417head I always wondered if their dad served in WWII, and none of theirs did! 

What is the great difference?  It is not a matter of who is of what religion or nationality anymore, it is on an individual basis- who has their own human soul and intact hippocampus and who does not and therefore listens to thoughts and then creates attrition in the individual whom it listened to thoughts from by making that person hear voices?  You may never want to admit it but that has been a great source of conflict and violence in world history!

Hitler himself killed 84 German generals.  6 million Jews died and there were 72 million deaths sustained during WWII.

But I still could not find how many American Irish.

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