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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Should our Prison Systems and Mental Health Facilities have Rifle Ranges in them? 06 01 2014

Should our Prison Systems and Mental Health Facilities have Rifle Ranges in them? 06 01 2014

That would indeed be the accurate test of any reform system wouldn't it?  Can the reformed person use a deadly item?  Are they indeed being released to be compliant and reformed to the United States Constitution?

I am baiting someone aren't I.

I can tell you already if the founding fathers experienced the novelty and scope of the drug problem today the War that they created in response to it would make the Revolutionary War seem trifle.

So while you are looking to revamp the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex why don't you add that rifle target range, a trout pound and a wood shop whereby goods can be made.  Then of course you will need a storefront somewhere in the city, perhaps more than one to sell all those goods.  But of course you will want that money to go to pay for costs associated with the facility and that would be the next unavoidable conflict with regard to the facility.  But no one would ever buy those things because of the untruthful stigma you created in regard to mental health.  Just as I am reluctant to buy groceries from an ethnic grocery store whose bagging clerks are daughters of the owner and mentally retarded.  The reason?  If what you fed your own daughters made them mentally retarded how do you expect me to shop for food and the same items at your grocery store.  Do I need to define common sense to you?  I don't need to define common sense to you because I already know that you loathe everything about it!

And here is the relevant reality!  You know d@mn well the majority of them get a gun again when released from prison.  So why not at least teach them the basic safety functions of gun ownership?  Can you make an ex convict a responsible owner of dangerous things?  Here we are getting into the distinction of mentally defective since birth versus corrupted and mentally disabled by that same mentally defective!

And networking is your economic buzzword in the United States.  And that is what prisons amount to criminal networking to the point that we have to legalize drugs. Indicative meaning of the criminals wove their way into Government and American industry.  It is all going 180 degrees in the wrong direction! So what would a criminal do if he wove his way into American Industry?  Just look at all the nations problems and tell me if you can't find the missing link to that being the cause.  And there ought to be punctuation for a directive or mandate.  It would be a little different than an explanation point or a question mark.

Your not supposed to come out of a mental health facility a pet; nor out of prison a networked criminal.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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