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Sunday, June 1, 2014

How does a drug abuser make it into a mental health clinic and not a prison Subtitled Happiness Defectives 06 01 2014

How does a drug abuser make it into a mental health clinic and not a prison?  Subtitled Happiness Defectives 06 01 2014

You did that to yourself!  And if you did something that horrific to yourself you are also a danger to others!
The root of the problem is gateway drugs!  But if you ban them then you disempower the wealthy German wealth in the United States.  And what happens then?  When you take the baby bottle away from a baby it cries because that is its source or nourishment.  When you take the bottle away from an alcohol user of any level it becomes violent because it is it’s only escapism from human life!  In effect it can’t stand human life and the drug allows it to exist among us.  It tolerates living and working with human beings during the day only if at the end of the day it can indulge in a form of escapism.  And also if you take that alcohol away you have greatly defeated its only source of achievement; selling poison for money.
Does alcohol cause mental illness?  Without a doubt it is the single most unrecognized cause of mental illness the world over.  Now here is the interesting dichotomy.  A human being that is introduced to alcohol during entry into adult maturity (ages 16 to 21) becomes disabled from it by alcohol psychosis.  Which is really oxygen deprivation brain cell death to the memory and learning center of the brain the hippo campus.  Compare that to the mentally retarded who are born with the hippo campus defect and what should also be included in the fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum disorder; dyslexia.  One was disabled at adulthood and one never had ability to start with.  How can you be disabled if you never had ability in the first place?  You can’t be, instead you are mentally defective. 
You see there is a way problems are solved and there is a way that problems are denied only allowed to fester in existence and create greater problems.  One should not be allowed create a self delusion that they solved a problem when you look at their historical track record and readily see it isn’t true.  How many jobs really create 7 times their cost to our economy; and that means the taxpayer.  In effect the wealthy businessman never really made an honest dime in his life by selling beer.
Now there was an issue in the paper the other day relate to the death penalty and those with an IQ under 70.  Here is the root of that problem, you can’t execute a single one of those persons unless you first eliminate the cause of that low IQ from our society.  And this is the part you also won’t like!  You also can’t keep them around because the cost to raise them drives civilizations into the ground and also they will not be productive members of society who can contribute to it.
Now I am not going to get into the hippo campus defect from inbreeding.  But that would have to be addressed in some way too.  And it is woven into the drug abuse defect dynamic too.  They seek forms of escapism too!  One might say they are the best promoters of drugs?  One might say they are the greatest profiteers from drugs as it (swine juice) is a source of revenue in the entertainment industry?

The reason that they don't make it into prison is because when you send them to prison you have to address the real cause of them being there.  And conversely when you treat the mentally defective you also deny the cause of them.  No one wants to point the finger at the gateway drug producers for fear of lawsuit persecution by them?  New term isn't it?  Lawsuit persecution!  Completely violates your Constitutional rights on many issues!  And that contributed to the untenable growth of the problem.

And what does the nebish politician do?  He dances around with a beer in his hand so that you think that he is naturally happen and the person to re elect!  New concepts there to!  The naturally happy versus those who are only happy through escapism; the unnatural happy.  There are passages in the Bible that refer to those of the sins of the flesh and that is what that means!

Can some people, inbreeds, be diagnosed at birth as never being able to achieve natural happiness. What would the title or label for them be?  Happiness Defectives 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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