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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Anyone ever watch the movie MUSE? 06 01 2014

Anyone ever watch the movie MUSE?  06 01 2014
I would defy anyone to tell me how the community based psychiatric care model were the patient resides at residences in communities is not the equivalent of a rich person having a muse?  The sole purpose of the muse is to prevent those who cannot form their own creative ideas from leaving that creative idea profession.

Can anyone see how a different race might benefit from zombifying the mental capacity of someone who has a breath of intelligence (like I do) and having  them serve as a resident muse; might serve to spark their creativity? There is no place for that in humanity!  It denies the individual the freedom, opportunity and economic viability of their own human soul.  Touching back to the prior article, were the blonde haired children Hitler had kidnapped really done so in order that they served as muses?  We know that one of the founders of the Nazi Party was a homosexual, and he was wealthy, and also that the German form of the Boys Scouts at the time engaged in pederasty.

Yep, I am saying there is a different race woven in among us, that hides it's identity, intent and also lack of aptitude.  Someone that had a muse would indeed use it to make money in a faction that was not consistent with humanity.  What I am getting at is that moral of any literary content from such a muse would be a little off track in terms of its benefit to humanity.  Very subtle!  But more to the point it would condone the ills of humanity rather than expose them and shame them.  And we see that everyday on television with glorified violence of organized crime.  Only organized crime would glorify the violence of organized crime.  (And maybe the word I was looking for was glamorized.)

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