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Sunday, June 1, 2014

So why would the Irish Republican Army have killed that woman with 10 kids 06 01 2014

So why would the Irish Republican Army have killed that woman with 10 kids 06 01 2014

A while back I read in the local paper that that was part of the conflict or what started it; can’t remember exactly.
But what would the motivation have been for the Irish Republican Army to have killed that woman with 10 kids?
1.       They were all illegitimate from different husbands?  (English wealth the same kind that grooms young women to be pass around kittens?)
2.       Each one of those children were sired by her prostitution service?
3.       And here is the worst.  Was she selling her children for sexual services to the English?  We very well know indeed that Jimmy Savile (the wealthy English television start who showcased children on his shows??)sexually molested a great many young women and men.  We also know that wealthy English Bankers often sacrificed babies. 
4.       Was she selling some of those children to the English who could not have them?  What we know about Adolf Hitler is that he kidnapped blonde haired children from throughout Europe to live with who knows what type of families.  If you look at many blondes today you will notice that they are no longer pure aryan; they have that Slavic magog look to them, often brown eye’s too.  Was she a baby factory?  I can see how a community would object to a woman serving as an incubator for children to sell.  But that doesn’t stop many communities from allowing the purchase of such children.  In fact four of the neighboring houses to my house in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin have purchased or otherwise procured such children.  And in terms of the red headed as being the most Irish?  I don’t know that I believe the validity of that, my father was blonde, my uncle was blonde.  (What is the point here?  A lot of the Irish were Aryan!  Was there collusion between, a English and Northern Ireland to have Aryans kidnapped from Southern Ireland during WWII?  What are the missing persons and disappearance records from Southern Ireland during that time?  Do they indicate that?) I believe the red headed Irish might have come from the land of Edom which was the Kingdom of Herod.  Hence they might be more of the Rh- negative and English-like.  The origin of the word Britain comes from Tattoo and that means pirates were involved.  Think of that when you think of England manipulating the London Interbank Offer Rate in order to create a mortgage crisis in the United States.
5.       Was she the town whore?  We already know that a whore does not have the parenting skills or adequate mother nature to raise children. 
But what has never been documented is the demeanor and psychological framework of the children of the whore momma.  Were the children that she created unruly or even thieves?  And this woman presided in Northern Ireland.  What we know is that there was a great English machination to take the food from Ireland and give them fungus infected potatoes to eat.  So children of that untenable nature would more likely be active participants in such a crime of genocide.
6.       Did she teach those children to be thieves in order to support her as in the movie Oliver Twist?  Orphans abused and made into thieves for a headmaster?  Brings new light to the Catholic prolife movement and the sexual abuse found in the foster care system.  That actually reclassifies the Catholic religion as being Protestant doesn’t it!
Now when I look at motivation, I am not saying whether the motivation was right or wrong I am just attempting to determine the motivation.  Any good investigator applies that same technique.  Oddly enough the mentally defective in investigative work would have an internal conflict with thinking in these terms?  Why?  Because for them to using even one aspect of their imagination in this manner would mold their minds to be criminal minded themselves wouldn’t it!  It is kind of like showing a person of limited mental function how you do something and then that is all they want to do for the rest of their lives.  That might be termed the origin of apprenticeships?
And I know that nobody understands my writing but I still do it anyway.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Anyhow take a good look at what a sexual molester looks like and see if he doesn’t give you the willies!

What do you notice about him?  He has a high energy face doesn’t he?  One that radiates the I am the epitome of coolness or one that looks to be the exact opposite of what he is.  No.  More to the point it is a face that looks like it would turn like  turret and nervously focus on small things as prey doesn’t it?  Much like the green faced witches on American television and the movies such as “The Wizard of Oz” turned to look at things.  Something that has a cold calculating look in its eyes that looks at humanity as if it is for victimizing?  A look in the eyes that is masked by a flat or blunt effect facial expression that rapidly changes to different cast or fixed facial expression when it is confronted with accusation?  And perhaps that is an undiagnosed sign, characteristic or criteria for the manuals of predatory psychosis.  I really believe that no amount of prison time can reform those who have committed the sickest crimes in repeat faction.  And this man was indeed in the social league of the English monarchy.  That is how a offensive predatory chameleon would change its facial expressions to set its prey off-guard.  Knowing how to calculated change your facial expression to a different cast in order diminish arising emotions concerns of fear when the persons emotional response was the correct one....  Pure sickness isn't it!

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