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Friday, October 11, 2013

Snowden, Snowden, Snowden, Snowden 10 11 2013

Snowden, Snowden, Snowden, Snowden 10 11 2013

Am I the only one that believes more publicity is given to him revealing than telling us just what he revealed.  Where can we find a concise list of what was revealed by Snowden?

Is there a Snowden website?

All we really know is that he revealed things but not the great importance of what was revealed and an analysis of what it means with regard to the Constitution of the United States!

Maybe I will look now and find it whereas my web search engine would not have found it until I published this?

And I have long stated that anyone who blows the whistle is a National Hero!  It is guarantied in our Constitution!  That is exactly why we are given freedom of speech!  He is an American Hero and should never have to hide in Russia!  He belongs in the United States!  There should be a parade for him.  A welcome home parade!  But maybe not?  Right?  We have a parade for great people, for United States hero's and the beast comes out of the dark closet to kill him like they did Kennedy.  That is how the evil mind works!  It wants to make the good of our country feel hopeless and helpless!

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