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Monday, December 22, 2014

Mandatory Religious Ceremony Additions 12 22 2014

Mandatory Religious Ceremony Additions 12 22 2014

No you don't get to promote drugs that cause mental retardation at your Catholic Mass with

out also uttering the words, “If you are a pregnant woman or a man that is planning on siring children with your wife drinking this alcohol can cause mental retardation.”

As part of every Mass when the Reverend holds the Chalice of wine up above his head in both arms before communion I want to hear a strong black woman's voice from a pew ask, “What does that cause.”

At which point in the ceremony to become tradition he responds, “Mental retardation!”

Part of the Our Father is this line,

“Thy Kingdom come thy will be done.”
The truth is that they never want a good kingdom of any type to come.

What is the Pro Life movement as Propagandized by the Catholic Church? It legitimizes children created out of wedlock, doesn't it! You would think this would run counter to the principle of a Holy Family. But here is how it is rationalized, two people that can't have children can get married at the Catholic Church and the wedding become a source of income for the church, if they have the hope that they can adopt a child! How many children put up for adoption are done so because of alcohol, again promoted at the mass, ruined the family or caused the woman to be duped into having sex with the man? The Church really doesn't eschew those who inseminated those women who had the children and had to put them up for adoption...the adult males that had no intention of being the concept of what a real FATHER is! Someone that raises his own children! So in effect the Church lessens the concept of what it really means to be a responsible father through the pro life movement! And I am not going to point the finger as to who is causing the sterility of faithful couples in the first place; that has been in the news quite a bit through the SNAP movement. An activity a defined retard would do?

Let's here that strong black woman's voice ask the Reverend (and they do verbally pipe up during mass with the “You tell it!” And “That's the truth.” and “Ah Hah's” and “Um hmm!”) … so lets hear her ask, “What does that cause Reverend.” And make it part of every mass as part of the tradition!

Rather that than the black woman wearing a nuns veil standing directly behind me at mass and screeching like an insane maniac demonically possessed the entire mass.  About the equivalent of the spoiled child who for some reason we can't figure out why it has a truncated attention span!

Put that in your new Vatican summit!
Have a merry Christ Mass!

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